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Nike Unveils New Football Uniforms – Florida State University

Nike Unveils New Football Uniforms – Florida State University


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Nike Unveils New Football Uniforms

On Saturday, Nov. 21, the Florida State
University football team will take the field wearing the Nike Pro
Combat uniform, a new system of dress and the lightest football uniform
Nike has ever created.

Nike designed the Nike Pro Combat uniform to address the evolution
of the game: Today's players are stronger and faster and the collisions
are more violent and explosive than ever before. Nike also worked with
coaches and administrators at Florida State to bring inspiration to the
Nike Pro Combat uniforms that the Seminoles will wear on Nov. 21.

According to Florida State officials, these limited edition uniforms
will be used at the discretion of the Seminoles' football program after
November 21.

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Personally I like the new uniforms. I'm not crazy with the design on the shoulders of the jerseys and I think the actual color could be a little darker garnet color, but I do like the uniforms. Also, the number font doesn't seem to work, but that could just be a matter of taste. GO NOLES!

I strongly dislike the new uniforms, I personally believe the current ones are one of the best looking uniforms in the NCAA. The new ones are very bland and unexciting. Not a fan of the black helmet at all. We are Garnet and Gold. Not Garnet on Garnet, with black helmet. I strongly believe we should not change the uniforms from the current ones.

Terrible. This is a complete money-grab. As a fan and booster I absolutely will not buy-in to this change or support it by purchasing new seminole gear. The University should be ashamed!

P.S. The spear on the shoe is upside-down!

I like everything about this new uniform except for the new shade of red. It looks more like OU than FSU. Other than that, it's a great look for a limited edition jersey and if this lighter design really works, I'm all for anything that gives FSU a competitive advantage over its opponents.

I think the new uniforms are awesome. Great design and its different. Ofcourse it won't replace the others ones. Especially the helmet! thats pretty sweet. Put that helmet on with the Black Jerseys, that be awesome!

Go Noles!

They look Red. Not a huge fan, and would hate it if they became the new uniforms for good.

We do have the best looking uniforms in all of sports...why change?

For one game ok no big deal....but please do not get any ideas for making if more than that.

The only thing I like about the uniforms is the inside of the gloves. The rest of the uniform is ugly. Don't mess with perfection.

When you already have the best looking uniform in college football, it's difficult understand why you would want to change it? Regardless, the new uniforms are decent for an alternate, but the color is off. Looks more like Atlanta Falcons in the pictures than FSU.

If it aint broke don't fix it. We just won the best helmet in college football contest and we do this? I know the team and program is struggling but it seems like every time we try a new uniform we lose. Keep the technology but don't mess with perfection. If anything bring back the early 90's look. I'm tired of Nike ruining great uniforms. Im hoping that this is a one time deal because we will become a the laughing stock if this is our permanent uniforms. Go Noles

do not mess with the helmet. to much red it is not garnett.

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. They are fugly! I guess now that we aren't winning we have to sell out to Nike. BTW, coincidence that they role out these things when we play UMd, the University of Under Armor?

why change the best looking uniform in college football

The gloves are cool...but where is the gold?!? We are Garnet and GOLD, not Red and Black. Plus, we've never had any luck when we where black helmets. I'm not totally against some changes, but we still need to keep some Seminole Traditions and I think the Helmet is one that should not change!

As an alumni of the FSU class of 1979 I do not like the new uniforms. We have the best uniforms in college football. First came the black uniforms which I think should be burned! Please remember our established tradition. Garnet and Gold. Black helments...you have got to be kidding. Yuk!

I like the padding that is part of the uniform and the technology involved in the design ROCKS. The jersey is a little too red. It would be better to have Garnet jersey on GOLD pants. We are GARNET AND GOLD not garnet and black. I HATE the helemts. We have to absolute BEST helmet in the NCAA so PLEASE do not change the GOLD helmet to a black one.

we dont need new uniforms we already got the best there,what we need is someone who can cover and tackle GO NOLES

Love the Helmet, like the Gloves & the new Pants. However the Jersey is RED (needs to be Garnet) & it looks like a cross between the Atlanta Falcons and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
I don't like the Font on the Numbers. I'm really hoping they don't start the Multiple Uniforms like Oregon has done. I prefer the Rebok Uniforms to the Nike, but understand this is a Nike House!

When will us Fans be able to purchase the Helmets & Jerseys?


I do like the new uniforms (except the goofy looking feathers on the sholders - we're not Oregon) I look forward to seeing them once or twice every couple years... our current uniforms are GREAT, please keep them!

I think the technology is awesome, but I agree - the red isn't garnet and the helmet isn't GOLD. I don't have a problem with commiting to a demonstration wear for one game, but we need to stick to our beautiful, one-of-a-kind uniforms. GO NOLES!!!

As a limited edition, I like it. If we can just use this year's jerseys in that "pro combat" stuff then I'd really like it. And besides, we changed uniform details in the late 1990's and we won a lot of games. Actually, we went to the national championship that season.

The black helmet, it's really cool, it would be better with a garnet helmet. In any event, gold will always look better. But I understand it. It matches that black stuff around the numbers.

I will embrace it. And then hopefully we'll have the same nice old jerseys with this lighter jersey design. Plus, I want to buy that compression shirt, it's awesome.

good look for a once a year thing but not permanent. dont like the black helmet though...would like to see them with our regular gold helmet.

I like the new uniforms but i agree its too red wheres the garnet and gold?? but for one game its fine. Tell Jeff Camron to lighten up listening to him last nite i was afraid but like all his rants he was wrong again

In today's world of money driven sports marketing here is yet the latest ploy to get a little more form our wallets. Since 1976, developments in helmet design, jersey material, and shoe performance have improved the quality of equipment the team uses and possibly the quality of play on the field. However, the overall look of the Florida State uniform has stayed intact. Not until recently when replica jersey and apparel sales have become a major revenue stream have we seen the Black uniforms etc. Whether you like these uniforms or not we have unfortunately com to the point where even college athletics have put the almighty dollar above decades of tradition.

Did I miss the memo? When did we change to red and black? The technology is great. More comfort and better fit for the players. However, I hate it when we wear black, we lose when we wear black and FSU football is known for the GOLD helemets which are the most popular in college sports. Why change?

Uniforms are amazing! I wonder how they'd look with the gold helmets. Everyone knows its a marketing/recruiting scheme... WHO CARES, it looks good!
Love the gloves too!

When is the stuff gonna be available to the fans??

Uniforms are cool. Can't wait to see them live.

Sorry, but haven't we had enough distractions from changing uniforms in the past few years? I hope someone in management has been keeping notes on our record when we stray from our TRUE colors. And our gold helmet is unmistakenly recognized everywhere - why would we mess with that? Remember, in the summer of 2008 it was voted the "coolest helmet" in an infomrmal online voting competition hosted by ESPN. We've had a season full of distractions so far, so why we'd willingly add another is beyond me.

I love it!!!

These new uniforms are so sweet! there new but they still have the classy fsu taste.

please please pleease make the cleats gloves and nike pro compression shirts available to the public!!!

go noles!

"I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit."

Hasn't this stupid, disgusting phrase used up its 15 minutes yet?

I do not like the new uniformns at all. I thought the colors we garnet and gold which is the best pair of color choices. Are they trying to change the colors to red and black? Does not look like FSU, most would assume that another team is on the field. When you are already the best dressed why change. The grass is not always greener on the other side....leave well enough alone. Can they change the color of the jersey, pants and helmet...if so keep it! 🙂

Love the overall design of the uniform, but NOT the color! Stick to Garnet! Definitely loving the gloves! Go Noles!!!

Overall I like the Uniform. I agree the Red is a deviation from the traditional Garnet, but with the overall darkness of the Uniform, a lighter Garnet gives it some balance (after all true garnet could take on many shades). My least likable features were the shoulder pad designs and the over use of feathers. Feathers can represent softness and lightness, none of which should be associated with an FSU team. I think the feather should always be seen with the Spear or the Chief Osceola emblem, never by itself. Additionally it seems Nike has taken the liberty of creating their own feather graphics, departing from the existing feather graphics of the official Spear and Chief Osceola Logos (The Nike Feather graphics look like neither). This seems even more evident when you see the Spear on the new Shoe. Not only is the spear upside-down, it also has different graphics from the official Spear. However the shoe spear feathers do resemble the graphics of the new Uniforms feathers (though with a color inversion). I'm not necessarily opposed to redesigning the official Spear and Feather, but I don't want Nike to gradually phase in their vision of how it should look without FSU (and it fans) being aware of it. We need to be careful about Nike altering and/or amending parts of our Official Logos for use in other places, because it could lead to changing the Official Logos themselves.

hideous!!! an embarressment to take the field in these things once, but I can only hope the Noles know better than to keep messing with a uniform recognized around the country. Is the same technology not available in our school's actual colors? PLEASE don't use these more than once.

Although I agree that it is a money-making scheme...
I do like the new uniforms.

The reason I like FSU is because of the uniforms.

I like how the feather has been incorporated into the design.

However,I agree with many others, the red should remain a darker shade. The helmets should stay gold as well.

BUT definitely, get rid of the basketball net design on the shoulders! UGLY and STUPID.

I have to agree with most people's comments on it looking more red then Garnett. I think what most people are forgeting is that the black is a symbol of the Unconquered Spirit of the Seminole Nation. To recognize that for one game a year is special to alot of true seminole indians. Remember we have our name because of them. I also agree with the competative advantage it will give us making us faster than we already are. Now if they can make us tackle and catch better I'm all for it. We'll get the true feel for them when we see the whole team wearing the uniforms. Definatly an interesting look. GO NOLES!!

I love the concept but find the visual design gaudy. I think it looks very much like the Atlanta Falcon's uniforms. The number font and style of feathers are especially unappealing. Use of the spear may be better. The gold helmet is a mainstay of FSU football and should be kept, unless as part of a black-out, white-out, gold-out, garnet-out, etc.

My preference would be to mimic designs to like they were gleaned from symbols and art of the Seminole Tribe of Florida- not some video game.

I think this team has had enough distractions this year, and changing the feel and look of their uniforms could be yet another unneeded distraction.

I thought FSU's colors were GARNET AND GOLD ! These uniforms are red and black. I do not like them at all. Why mess with a good thing. Not only that, but everytime they change the uniforms (black-out / white-out) we lose! Keep the current uniforms and stop messing with them.

As many others have expressed the view that the concept, design, color, and other graphics are neither visually or historically tasteful or correct - I express the same arguments. Although I might be open to a throw back uniform with Sammy Seminole on the helmet.

-Go Garnet and Gold!

Oh shut up already. They're GREAT, they're not permanent and they actually honor the mascot's namesake. Lighten up. Or, better yet, don't watch the game if they offend your little eyes and ego that badly. Holy crap. Expand your narrow minds already. These rule.

Ive been a fan since I was a little kid and I have always been a fan of their unique uniform. I think that these uniforms and helmets are awesome. For all the haters I think you just always need something to complain about. When I seen them on the field I initially thought to myself I want one of those. I havent bought a jersey since 2001 because they havent made one I liked. Where can you buy these I have looked all over?

Change is good, new tech for better safer uniforms OK, but don't lose the GOLD helmet. Since 1947 the helmet has been gold. All of the other big name schools Penn State- ND- Alabama- etc stay with traditional colors and designs, it is about winning games and not a fashion show. KEEP THE GOLD HELMET! Class of 84!

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