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No. 10 Florida State Continue To Prepare For No. 11 Miami

Aug. 31, 2006


• The Seminoles worked out again in full pads Thursday afternoon in 90+ degree temperatures.

• In one-minute offense, the No. 1 offense scored on a 16-yard touchdown run by Lorenzo Booker. The TD was set up by a 21-yard completion from Drew Weatherford to Chris Davis and a 14-yard pass from Weatherford to Booker.

• The No. 2 offense failed to get into field goal range in one-minute vs. the No. 1 defense. Xavier Lee did have a pair of first down passes to Preston Parker and Damon McDaniel.

• The first defense got a sack from Everette Brown and a pass break-up from Tony Carter.

• The scout team usually wears the jersey number of the opponent’s key players. Christian Ponder wore Kyle Wright’s No. 3 while Jeremy
Franklin had on No. 2 for Jon Beason as they simulated the Hurricanes.

• FSU will practice again Friday afternoon and then once more on Saturday before departing for Miami Sunday around noon.


Head Coach Bobby Bowden

(On practice)

“We had a pretty good practice again. We handled the heat much better today then yesterday.”

(On what to cover to prepare for Miami)

“If you try to cover everything, you won’t be prepared in anything, spreading yourself to thin, so that is probably the biggest jeopardy.”

(What are you using the last few days to do?)

“Still trying to run the plays you are going to run in the game, still trying to run the defense you are going to run in the game, and trying to do it over and over and over. Football is nothing but a game of repetition. If it is a habit you can go out there and play football, if it is not a habit you have to think every time you turn around.”

(On the future of the team)

“It is exciting because you are anxious to see what you are going to do. This time last year we didn’t know what and now we do.”

Center Dumaka Atkins

(On going against his brother)

“It is going to be really fun. I have been waiting for this ever since I got up here. It is time.”

(How much do you talk to your brother?)

“We talk daily. It could be the second of April and we are talking on the phone. We talk a couple times of day. We just enjoy it.”

(What is this game like for your family?)

“They love it. They love the attention. They love that the two boys of the family get a chance to shine. It is a beautiful thing down there in Sarasota.”

Rover Myron Rolle

(Have you shown the coaches what you have needed to show them so you can be out there?)

“I think I have. I feel a lot more focused this week. I guess it is because of getting nervous and jittery but I feel that I’m more locked in. There are still some things that I have missed from time to time but for the most part I’m playing my assignments and I’m playing hard. I’m playing the way that I want to play on Monday and you have to practice that way, to play that way so I’m very excited and I’m very focused this week.”

(On the possibility of starting)

“It is a goal of mine to start, absolutely. I’m a very goal-oriented person. I want to reach all of my goals. It was one of the ones I set before the season started. If it happens that is great, if it doesn’t happen then when I get on the field I’m going to make the most of my opportunities.”

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