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No. 24 FSU Corrects Mistakes From Georgia Tech Game Monday Night

Nov. 3, 2008

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – The 24th-ranked Seminoles lost a heartbreaker in Atlanta Saturday afternoon. Trailing 31-20 with just over 6:00 remaining FSU cut the lead to three points and then with under 1:00 on the clock FSU was poised to score the go-ahead TD before a fumble sealed the Georgia Tech win. Florida State remained in the rankings this week despite the loss and is sitting at 22nd in the latest BCS standings. Their next challenge will be putting the Georgia Tech loss behind them and turning their focus to Clemson.



Head Coach Bobby Bowden

On how the team is reacting to the loss against Georgia Tech:

“Well, the fact that they fought and came back and had a chance to win, a good chance to win, it’s not like they have to hang their heads. I think they’ll be resilient. The thing about it is you’ve always got another game. Once you start looking at film on them, boy, you forget that mistake, thinking how in the world are you going to beat these guys.”


On Clemson and if they are different since a change in the coaching staff:

“I don’t see much difference. I watched them today and I couldn’t see a difference. They are playing hard I know this. They’ve got a lot of skill. Boy, they’ve got skill. They have a very mature defensive football team on there. I think he’s got eight or nine starters back, now he might have lost somebody with injuries or something like that, maybe a linebacker or something. But their big and they are athletic.”


On how the defense moves on from the Georgia Tech game:

“You’ve got to throw it out. Mickey (Andrews) and all of them felt like if we played it again we’d know a lot more of what we ought to be doing. They’re clever with it. They did things they never did before. They’d flanker three people over here and draw your coverage here and run that sweep out yonder. Our guy is supposed, our pitch man, couldn’t get there, just couldn’t get there. If you play them again you’d know you better sweep back over there, don’t be bluffed by that. Now second half, they got one touchdown. I believe their dadgum quarterback ran right up the gut. We didn’t play good.”


Running Back Jermaine Thomas

On how his 9 rushes for 130 yards against Georgia Tech:

“It was wonderful. I just wanted to contribute to the team. I knew Deuce (Antone Smith) was a little banged up and I just wanted to come in there and just back it up. Once they put me in I was ready to go. It was a very exciting moment for me. I just cherish that moment. I just think about it all the time. If I could do it all the time, I would do the same thing.”


On if he knew he would get that many rushes during the game:

“Not really, but I was really prepared. Once my number was called I didn’t think that I was going to get in there as much as I did, but I felt like I did do my job.”


Linebacker Dekoda Watson

On Florida State being a contender for the ACC Championship game despite the loss to Georgia Tech:

“This is one of the few years that I’ve been here, one of the few times in my years that we’ve got our own destiny and we can decide it ourselves by what we do on the field.  It’s really going to come down to us and we’re going to continue to practice hard and focus on Clemson this weekend.  We won’t worry about what happened in the past.”


On the upcoming match up with Clemson:

“They’re going to come hyped.  I know for a fact they’re going to come hyped.  We’re Florida State and a lot of teams get hyped off us and because we haven’t been winning of course they feel like they can beat us.  Of course they’re going to come in strong and they’ve got a new coach so we’re really going to have something to look forward to.”


Kicker Graham Gano

On whether he’s feeling healthy yet despite the success he’s been having:

“I’m not quite healthy yet, but I’m feeling a lot better than I was at the start, definitely.  I’m pretty close to being healthy.”


On the key to his success in field goal kicking:

“I think a lot of hard work.  I think the injury was better because it helped me get the fundamentals down and just start from scratch again.  And then just getting into the training room and getting healed up has helped out a whole lot.”


On his confidence level and how he decides what field goal distance is ‘too far’:

“I normally try to figure it out in pre-game; see what my distance is.  I’ll tell coach Bowden and coach Allen what I can make it from and they’ll come up to me during the kick or I’ll go to them before the kick and they’ll ask me if I can make it and if I have the distance I’ll say yes or whether or not we should punt it.”


Defensive Tackle Kendrick Stewart

On Clemson’s running backs:

“They’ve got a heck of athletes. CJ Spiller is a great asset and they’ve got James Davis and Jacoby Ford. They’ve got a lot of great athletes but I feel like it’s going to be won up front. Our defensive line has got…to attack those guys and try to keep those guys contained.”


On putting Georgia Tech behind and focusing on Clemson:

“Georgia Tech was a hard loss, but we can’t wallow over that. We had time to do that after the game, but now we’ve got to look forward to Clemson. This is a big ACC game so we’ve got to win so we can go to Tampa.”


On whether there are any feelings of revenge playing Clemson:

“I really don’t feel like it’s revenge.  For coach Bowden, this was a big game for him with his son being there, but I feel like this is just an ACC game for us.  We’ve just got to win.  I’m sorry, but you’ve just got to let go.  We’re going in there to win.”


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