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No. 24 Seminole Football Team Set For Showdown With Clemson

Nov. 6, 2008

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – It is not the Bowden Bowl nor is it a Labor Day showdown but there is no doubt this Saturday’s game between Clemson and Florida State is a big one. The Seminoles need the win to keep their chances of advancing to the ACC Championship game alive. The Tigers are looking to keep the momentum going from an impressive win at Boston College last week. FSU is hoping to avoid losing to an ACC opponent for the fourth straight time for the first time in program history and on top of all that, the game will be played on head coach Bobby Bowden’s 79th birthday.



QB Christian Ponder

On practice this week:

“I thought this whole week we had a pretty good week at practice. I think a lot of guys are motivated after what happened last week and Clemson is a big game for us so I thought we prepared pretty well.”


On the biggest challenges Clemson’s defense brings:

“They’re very talented. They’re very athletic and they execute pretty well. I think they are a lot like our team in they compare pretty well. They’ve got a lot of talent so we’ve got to out execute them and that’s what it’s going to come down to.”


On how Clemson’s record doesn’t reflect the team they are:

“We know how good Clemson can be and they have a lot of great guys and a lot of talent. I don’t think their record really reflects how good they can be. We’re going into this game like they’re undefeated and their record doesn’t really effect us. It really comes down to how we play, and it doesn’t matter who we play, we’ve got to execute and out execute them.”


Defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews

On Clemson’s speed:

“Everyone knows they’ve got talented players that can run. We’ve got guys that can run, you know. Speed more times then not is controlled in your head and your heart instead of on your feet. I’ve seen a lot of people you couldn’t run fast because we’re fast people.”


Offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher

On the practice this week:

“They had a good Monday, Tuesday and played very well. Not to say Wednesday and Thursday were bad, but I mean Tuesday was exceptional. It’s been a solid work week. It better be because we’ve got an excellent team to play.”


On what he remembers about last year’s game against Clemson:

 “It was very frustrating. They had a very good defense and they put a lot of pressure on the passer and controlled the line of scrimmage very good up front. They played very good in the second half. They were a very good defensive football team and they had the talent for it last year.”


Safety Myron Rolle:

On preparing for the Rhodes Scholar interview:

“I will have to do a lot of mock interviews, read current events and think about reasons why I would want to be a Rhodes Scholar. I have to make the best impression I can.”


On missing the Maryland game:

“Yes it will be difficult. It is what makes it a serious conflict. I am not sure if I will be able to make it to the game, but this scholarship is very important to me.”


On support from coaches:

“Mickey Andrews is behind me. Even Randy Spetman, the athletics director, is 100% behind me. It is important to me, the school and my family. They are all definitely supportive.”


If he would possibly make the game:

“We are hoping it is an eight o’clock game so I can get there after the announcement is made.”


When he knew he would have to pick the game or interview:

“I thought about the fact this may come up a while ago. It didn’t crystallize in my mind until weeks ago when I learned I could be a finalist. It really hit me recently, but this is a priority for me and very special for my family. I will think about the interview when it’s time to think about it. When it’s done, then my mind is just about football.”


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