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Off To The Races With: Charlotte Broadbent Vol. 2 – Florida State University

Off To The Races With: Charlotte Broadbent Vol. 2 – Florida State University


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Off To The Races With: Charlotte Broadbent Vol. 2

Charlotte Broadbent

Hello Seminole Fans!

As ACC's draw closer and closer, we are starting to feel AWESOME in the pool and have more energy outside of the pool.  During taper time the work intensity and mileage in the pool decreases, so personally I never know where to direct the new found energy I have suddenly gained!  I usually end up being really hyper at practice!  I think, speaking from the whole team's perspective, there isn't one person who doesn't enjoy taper time!  Depending on what group you are in (sprint, middle distance, Stroke/IM or distance) the amount of work that decreases differently, for example, the sprint group decreases their work in the water a whole lot more than the distance group does!  With myself being in the distance group, we get one morning off during taper, which feels like heaven! Sleeping in, instead of waking up at 5.30 a.m. is just great! That in itself gives us so much extra energy.  You wouldn't believe the difference a 7 a.m. practice can make to you instead of 6 a.m.! It's just great and we are all getting really excited for the big meet!

A team tradition leading up to a major meet, is secret psyche.  This is where each girl picks a name out of a hat of a girl on the team.  A week prior to the meet, we decorate the girl's locker with encouraging, creative posters and include small gifts that usually include things such as power bars that can be used at the meet!  It's something that we all look forward too, it's really great to see your locker decorated with pretty posters, but my favorite part is when you tell the person the day we leave for the meet who their mysterious secret psyche has been!  It gets exciting trying to guess who your secret psyche is!

Another team tradition we have for ACC's is to make a CD prior to the meet consisting of a song that each girl and coach has chosen.  These songs tend to be great pump up songs that we listen to during the meet.  For the past two years a fellow junior, Lisi Rowland and I, have made the CD for the girls and we're in the process of making them this year!  Because there are 30 girls on the team and five coaches, there are always two CDs given to each girl.  The first song on the first CD is always the FSU Warchant which is played as we get out of the van and walking into the pool so that everyone knows FSU is present and ready to rock!  I really enjoy making these for the girls. We decorate the CDs to make them look pretty so that they are a good keepsake; it's just a fun thing to do for each girl on the team! 

We will travel to Atlanta, Georgia by bus, Tuesday morning.  Once we arrive, will we get in the pool for a quick dip, then head to the hotel to relax and get ready for the 4x200 freestyle relay and the 4x50 IM relay Wednesday afternoon. These are always two great events for us.  The girls that swim these relays always step up and do a great job, which encourages everyone for the next three days of individual events.  Everyone is also really excited to see their families at the meet.  My mother and grandparents are taking a trip from across the pond in England to come to the meet.  It's really great to see your parents up in the stands cheering for you at a meet that means so much to you.  With parents coming from all over the USA from Wisconsin to Miami, it will be great for us all to catch up with parents we may not have seen since last ACC's!

We are three days out from leaving to go to ACCs.  The excitement is building, some nerves are forming, but we can't wait to actually get to the meet!  We hope that all our fans follow our results from the meet through Seminoles.com!

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