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Offense Starts Strong But Defense Rebounds In Second Part Of Scrimmage

March 30, 2009

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – There was no rest for the Seminole football team as far as scrimmages are concerned. After a long scrimmage on Saturday, the players were back out in full pads on Monday. The team spent 12 periods on the practice fields and then another 12 inside Doak Campbell Stadium as the team participated in a half scrimmage. Most of the scrimmage was spent working on situational play.





·          On the first play (3rd-and-2) Markus White got into the backfield but Jermaine Thomas was able to break a long run to the outside. Christian Ponder ran for a first on the next play on 3rd-and-2 and then Ty Jones ran for three and another first in the same situation. Jones picked up another first on a third-and-short despite Nigel Carr bursting into the backfield. The play was called off due to a penalty.


·          White started the drill crashing the pocket just as Ponder got the ball off to Bert Reed for a short gain. Thomas busted along gain but the play was called back due to offensive holding. Ponder and Reed hooked up for a short gain again but this time Reed made a defender miss and turned it into a 64-yard TD reception.

·          Ponder, who worked the entire half scrimmage, opened the set with the two’s by connecting with Rod Owens twice. Louis Givens then took in another short swing pass and went 64 yards for a TD but another offensive holding penalty wiped out the play. Ponder put up his own big gain as he ran for over 50 yards on a designed run. On the next play Thomas went 64 yards for a TD of his own. The defense was on its heels after for the third consecutive play the offense had a big gain with Ty Jones running for nearly 25 yards.


·          The defense started to crank it up on the next series as the first team recorded a sack.

·          The two’s had a QB pressure from John Johnson followed by a motion penalty. Ponder completed two short passes between a false start penalty.


·          The first team defense started the series with Everett Dawkins and Kevin McNeil chasing Ponder who was able to get the ball off to Thomas on a swing pass. Ponder avoided another sack by Justin Mincey this time to hit Reed but the play was short of the first. Mincey got his sack of Ponder on the next play.

·          The two’s came on the field and the Brandon Jenkins show got under way. On the first play the early enrollee chased Ponder out of the pocket causing the QB to throw a pass that Nigel Carr was able to break on and knock down. Jenkins followed that play with the first of his four sacks. Ponder used his feet for a big gain when Johnson forced him out of the pocket.


·          Ponder connected with Jarmon Fortson for a big gain despite being pressured by Dawkins. Nigel Bradham read the next play perfectly and wrapped up Jones on a screen pass for a minimal gain. The highlight of this series was a deep jump ball that Rod Owens came down with between three defenders on a 3rd-and-10.

·          The Jenkins show continued on the next series for the two’s. He and McCray chased Ponder out of the pocket and then the next play Jenkins took Ponder down. The final play of the series was a deep ball to Corey Surrency that Dionte Allen broke up.


·          The one’s didn’t get much done as Kevin McNeil forced an incomplete pass followed by back-to-back sacks by Carr and McNeil.

·          The two’s didn’t get into the end zone either. Ponder threw to Reed in the end zone but that pass was incomplete. Ponder completed a short swing pass to Owens as Maurice Harris pressured the passer and then Ponder could not connect with Surrency in the end zone from the 16.


·          McNeil began things with another sack and then Ponder’s pass to Fortson was incomplete in the end zone. Ponder did connect with Thomas but it was for only three yards.

·          Jenkins recorded his third and fourth sacks on the first and third play sandwiched around a short Ponder gain on a run.


·          The offense scored three TDs. Two came via Jones’ runs and one was a Thomas run. The biggest play was Patrick Robinson knifing into the backfield to wrap up Jones for a seven yard loss but the play was wiped out due to an offsides call.

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Head Coach Bobby Bowden

Opening statement:

“I’ve never seen as many long runs in my life. I’m talking 60 yards, 70 yards. In the end the defense kind of tightened it up a bit. Anyway, it was a pretty good practice. I think we got by without any serious injuries”


On the offensive line play leading to big plays:

“That’s the starting place. If you can’t do it there, usually you can’t do it anywhere. They have been doing a pretty good job.”


QB Christian Ponder:

On today’s scrimmage:

“We had a lot of great plays today and I feel like all spring that’s how it should have been. We came out and didn’t make a lot of mistakes early. We learned a lot from the last scrimmage. We just have to maintain it. Towards the end we got kind of sloppy.”


On the blocking of the offensive line:

“They are doing a tremendous job. Since the first day of spring ball I have had a ton of time. I’m sitting back there and I feel relaxed because of the time I have. They are doing an amazing job.”


LB Nigel Bradham

On the scrimmage:

“We didn’t make many plays. We didn’t play really good at all. We just have to correct it for next practice.”


On what the defense needs to improve:

“We just need to start being better playmakers. We aren’t doing what we have to do to make plays. The coaches will talk to us about that and we need to do a better job of it.”


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