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April 9, 2011

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – One week from the 2011 Garnet & Gold Spring Game, Florida State took another chance to fine-tune the offense and defense holding the Seminoles’ second scrimmage of the spring Saturday inside Doak Campbell Stadium.

“Okay,” Florida State head football coach Jimbo Fisher said when asked how that second scrimmage went. “What I was disappointed in was when either side had success today it was more that the other side didn’t do right more than the team that had success did right. Whether we got stopped on offense because we dropped a ball, fell down on a route or missed a throw or on defense, whether a guy was there and missed a tackle. That’s football I know. The mistakes that were disappointing to me today was the success that each side had was more based on what the other side did wrong than what that side did right. I didn’t like that as much today, but we’ll look at the film and judge.”

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For the second time in a week, the Seminoles scrimmaged in Doak Campbell Stadium. FSU’s first spring scrimmage was this past Monday. While both the offense and defense seemed to perform well on Monday, Fisher tipped a little more success to the defense on Saturday.

“I thought Greg[Reid] made a couple of good plays,” Fisher said. “He broke on plays – not where a guy fell down or dropped [a ball]. Mike Harris, I think had a play or two. Up front, I say they do good, but it’s kind of deceiving. It’s very deceiving on what you see but they’re playing hard. They’re doing what they’re supposed to and that’s exactly what you want them to do. You’d be worried if they were running it up and down the field. That’ll be worse.”

Fisher said quarterback EJ Manuel continued to progress and that wide receiver Kenny Shaw caught a couple of slants and broke them big. Shaw actually caught two long touchdown passes. Statistics from Saturday’s scrimmage were not immediately available.

“I thought EJ played good except for one or two plays – had a tough one and one of them was bad,” he said. “He controlled things pretty good. We’re having a hard time controlling the line of the scrimmage which makes it very hard. It’s kind of unrealistic on both sides.”

Florida State will take Sunday off. The `Noles will return to practice on Monday and practice Wednesday, Thursday before the Garnet & Gold Spring game next Saturday.

All practices are closed to the public. Fans can begin counting down to the SunTrust Spring Football Weekend Presented By Kia Autosport which will be capped off with the Annual Garnet and Gold Spring football game at 4 p.m. at Doak Campbell Stadium. The game will be carried on ESPN3.com and replayed on ESPNU.

Season tickets are available now by visiting Seminoles.com or by calling the Florida State Ticket Office at 1-888-FSU-NOLE. Single game tickets will go on sale to the general public June 1; however a single game sale is not anticipated for either the Oklahoma and Miami home games.

On whether he’s gone through a spring practice with so many out on the offensive line:
“Not on the offensive line. I’ve had some with some of them out but not that many. You can’t get a realistic look either way. You have to create things in situations to try to do it.”

On how quarterbacks Clint Trickett and Will Secord performed:
“We’ll wait and see after film. I’ll grade after film. I don’t think anything glaring out there was bad today. They had a couple of good things. It’s hard sometimes because you can’t see. I’ll wait to see on the film and judge them.”

>On the defense feeling more comfortable this spring:
“Oh yes. Assignment wise. I don’t think there is any doubt. Guys know what they’re doing and where to line up. They’ve got a lot of depth. We ought to be a very, very dominant defense. I think we ought to be a very good defense. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t.”

On what he sees in the defensive line:
“A lot of guys that can play, which will keep guys fresh – inside too. Cam Erving and those guys are coming on strong. Demonte McAllister did some things. Cam Erving is going to be a heck of a football player. If Cam Erving and those guys keep coming on, we’re going to be very happy.”

On how the offensive line has been doing:
“Okay. The best they can. I mean it’s unfair sometimes the guys they’re having to block. It may happen during the season. [We’re] a couple of injuries away. That’s what you don’t realize. You’re a couple of injuries away from that happening at any position at any level of football. That’s just the way it is.”

On one thing he wants to see the defense improve on:
“We got to get more turnovers. You can be a big play and bend, stop and don’t score it, but you got to be able to create turnovers and I’d like to see a little more of that on defense.”

“I think we just have to execute more. The consistency level wasn’t like I wanted it to be. Personally, as the quarterback and the leader of this team I think we have to execute a lot better on offense. A lot of the lineman are hurt right now so the guys that are in right now are doing the best that they can. But we still have to execute. Some games might be like that. Guys may be hurt but you have to go out and catch balls and make good throws.”

On what do you mean when you say `I have to lead a little more:
“I have to get guys ready to make plays, continuously be positive, not really be negative because this is still spring ball. We don’t have a game tomorrow; we don’t have a game the next day so this is a chance for us to learn and get better but we just have to make those plays offensively. The defense played great today.”

On which of the skill guys stood out today:
“I think Rodney (Smith) played well – just the same as last week. I think guys still made plays but there are just some things that we want to be more consistent with. Kenny (Shaw) made some great plays, got some good YAC yards (yards after catch), caught a couple of slants for touchdowns which was huge for us.”

On specific situations worked on today:
“Obviously two minute like we always do. We worked the four minute drill to continue to try and get first downs and keep the clock moving so we can run the clock out and win the game. Those are two situations that we worked today. Situationals – in football those are everything now. I really started to learn that once I got here. That’s a huge reason why I wanted to play for Coach Fisher because that’s how he teaches. You play the game situationally instead of playing plays just to play them. I think that helps our team a lot. Then if that situation shows itself in a game we will be ready for it.”

On how far he has progressed in between scrimmages:

“I think I have progressed a lot – just being able to handle adversity. I feel like we didn’t play as well as we did Monday. For whatever reason I don’t know. I think the fact that we still made some good plays when we were supposed to – everything is not going to go the way you want it to. Being able to bounce back and not getting upset at yourself or other teammates – just help those guys make a play. I think pass rush was immensely better this week. Those guys were getting back there – I don’t know what it was today but those guys were making good plays. It was all kind of a blur I was trying to get the ball out of my hands so I can’t really say who was in my face. They were getting back there.”

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