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Orange Bowl Practice Continues For Seminoles
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    Dec. 31, 2005

    The No. 22 Florida State Seminoles held an 18-period practice in shells Saturday at Nova Southeastern University as they continued to prepare for Tuesday’s Orange Bowl. Backup tailback Lorenzo Booker missed his second straight day of practice with flu-like symptoms. He is expected to return to practice on Sunday. Linebacker Ernie Sims had a dominating performance in 11-on-11 scrimmaging with three sacks and a pass break-up. Xavier Lee hit Richard Goodman for a 26-yard gain to lead the offense. In one-minute offense, Gary Cismesia nailed a 35-yard field goal after Drew Weatherford got the team inside the 20 on a 35-yard pass to Greg Carr. The Seminoles attended an FCA breakfast Saturday morning and the seniors will visit Joe Dimaggio Hospital Sunday afternoon following practice.


    (on how he will bring in the New Year tonight)

    “I hope I am asleep. I don’t know how long it has been since I have watched the New Year’s come in but I hope I am not watching one tonight. If I am, it will be four hours past my bedtime. Ann is not likely to stay up unless there are a lot of children around. If the children are around, it could be that they stay up and talk.”

    (on his reaction to the LSU/Miami game)

    “I was surprised. I picked Miami to win that game. I thought they might win that darn game but you know I really believe this, when I look at a game like that, I don’t know if Larry (Coker) will appreciate me saying this or not, but they are like us in a lot of ways. They have played for so many championships that they lose a lot of incentive unless it is for a dad-gum championship. I have seen it happen and it wouldn’t surprise me if that was one of the things. They’d get up for a national nhampionship game if you were fighting for No. 1 or No. 2. I don’t know. That’s the only thing I can see.”

    (on his team staying focused and motivated)

    “It is one thing coaches are scared of when they go to a bowl is that the kids might not be motivated. You definitely want to show them the advantages of being there and what this means if we can win it. I think we all (coaches) do that. So usually, it is one reason that coaches would rather play a team that’s ranked where you could try to move up.”

    (on how he will handle the team on New Year’s Eve)

    “I think our curfew will be set where they can’t stay out past a certain time. My lifestyle is set earlier than that. Anne and I go to bed at 7:30 at night. That’s four and a half hours to welcome in the New Year. I have had so many of them I don’t care to see any more of them.”


    Wide Receiver Greg Carr

    (on the expectations he had for himself coming into his freshman season)

    “I never expected to have the impact I have had this year. I just wanted to come in and maybe play every now and then, catch a few passes but not have a huge impact.”

    (on Penn State’s secondary)

    “They are pretty good. They are very physical. I think they are very similar to Virginia Tech’s secondary. That’s how we are viewing it going into the game. Their secondary has speed and size.”

    (on how defenses are playing him)

    “For the most part they try to hold me off the line. Other than that they play off me about 10 or 15 yards letting me have anything short. The big play has always been a part of my game. I have been fortunate enough to be able to change games. Coming out of high school making the big plays was what I was mostly known for.”

    Linebacker Ernie Sims

    (on Penn State running back Tony Hunt)

    “He is really explosive. We are going to have to gang tackle. We need to stay in our gaps and do what we need to do. We have to swarm to the ball and play Florida State defense. That’s the only way we will be able to shut them down.”

    Running Back Lorenzo Booker

    (on missing practice due to illness)

    “They gave me some different medications and this morning I feel a whole lot better. If we played the game today, I’d play, but seeing as we don’t, I am going to try and get as well as I can before I come back out. Tomorrow I should be fine.”

    Defensive Tackle Andre Fluellen

    (on being down in Miami)

    “It is nice Miami weather. A lot better than what we saw in Boise. I have been going to the beach most of the time, just out there relaxing other than going to practice. We will really start focusing on the game after New Year’s.”

    (on Penn State’s offense)

    “They are really disciplined and really good. They have a lot of seniors and are a well coached team. They don’t make many mistakes so we will have to play a mistake-free game ourselves. It is going to be a tough game. It is a good match-up.”

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