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Have you ever wondered what Florida State student-athletes, coaches and staff are like off the field of competition?  If so here is your chance to get to know the players, coaches and staff of the Florida State athletics department a little bit better.



Uche Echefu

Sr. – M.Basketball


Amanda DaCosta

So. – Soccer


Daniel Bradford

Jr. – M. Swimming


Kristie McConn

Fr. – Softball

What is your favorite pro sports team? Denver Nuggets New York Yankees Boston Celtics New York Yankees
Favorite TV show The Wayne Brothers Scrubs, America’s Next Top Model Family Guy Sportscenter
Most recent song on your iPod? Teenage Love Affair by Alicia Keys Lollipop – Lil Wayne Rock Mountain Way by Joe Walsh Mrs. Officer
Favorite Pro Athlete? Julius Erving Cristiano Ronaldo Eric Vendt Derek Jeter
Best Athlete You Have Competed Against? Rudy Gay Jason Leturmy, Mami Yamaguchi Cullen Jones Alyssia Brewer – Basketball player at Tennessee.
Other than FSU, Best Venue You Have Competed In? In Argentina Stadium in Argentina Georgia Tech Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City
Last Movie You Have Seen? Wanted Finding Nemo Step Brothers Welcome Home
Dream Vacation? A trip to Mexico Wherever the Lion King took place To cruise the mediterranean 2 weeks in Tahiti
Favorite Kids Cartoon? Tom & Jerry Spongebob Squarepants Rocko’s modern life Spongebob Squarepants
Favorite Food? Chicken and Rice Sushi and mashed potatoes Mexican Peanut M&M’s
If you could have dinner with three people (living or dead) who would they be? Alicia Keys, Barrack Obama, My Mom Babe Ruth, David Beckham, Derek Jeter Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li My grandma Vida, Joe Torre, my friend Gary Morton
If you weren’t playing your current sport, what would you be doing? Watching more video clips with my coach Producing rap videos Working a job Playing college basketball
Favorite team tradition? Fight, Fight, Fight for FSU Pre-game dance off. The haka Listening and dancing to our pre game music in the locker room
Superstitions? I don’t have any Tape on my right wrist for games. If I eat Mexican food on race day I won’t swim well. Always have to get into the batters box the same way.
Who makes you laugh? Martin, Pops Dane Cook Politicians My roomates Allison Collins and Amanda DaCosta
Why did you pick FSU? To be apart of something new Seminoles Members of the swim team and it wasn’t too close to home but not too far away. To live out my college softball dream and t live in year round warm weather.
Best memory from FSU? Beating Duke at their place Making it to the championships in the college cup. 2007 ACC championships Hitting my first collegiate homerun at Cal State Fullerton.
First job? ????? Coaching Lifeguard Worked at All Stars Sports Complex
Talent I would most like to have? Being able to dance. Being able to sing. Coordination To sound good when I sing.
Words to live by? Treat everyone with respect The sky is the limit If your not living on the edge your taking up space. You’re only as good as you make yourself
One thing I can’t live without? Cell Phone My cell phone and my iPod. My computer I hate to say it but my Sidekick
Favorite spot on campus? The Union Soccer field Student Union Westcott fountain
What is the one superpower you wish you could have? To become invisible I want to fly Being able to breath underwater Fly
When I am at home I like to? Relax on my bed and watch TV Go out with my friends and go out into NYC Sleep and eat Chill and listen to music
Most influential person in your life? My parents My parents My parents My father
On average I send____text messages a day? 20 500…I have a problem 20-40 Way too many
Facebook or MySpace? Neither Facebook Facebook Facebook
Pregame rituals? I pray and stay focused.  I also shower before games. Praying, Putting tape on my right wrist and having Annie Stalzer write on it. Team cheer Pray before every game.


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