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Have you ever wondered what Florida State student-athletes, coaches and staff are like off the field of competition?  If so here is your chance to get to know the players, coaches and staff of the Florida State athletics department a little bit better.



Erika Sutton 

Sr. – Soccer


Lauren Macfarlane 

Jr.- W. Tennis 

Ed Denton 

Sr.- M. Swimming 



Stephanie Neville 

So.- Volleyball 

What is your favorite pro sports team? Denver Broncos Utah Jazz Manchester United Football Club Toronto Maple Leafs 
Favorite TV show Real Housewives of Atlanta Prison Break 24 Grey’s Anatomy 
Most recent song on your iPod? Yearn- Shane & Shane How Far We’ve Come-Matchbox Twenty Money for Nothing- Dire Straits  Banana Pancakes- Jack Johnson 
Favorite Pro Athlete? ???? Roger Federer Tiger Woods Andy Roddick 
Best Athlete You Have Competed Against? Christine Sinclair Tara Iyer (Duke) Michael Phelps  Sarah Pavan 
Other than FSU, Best Venue You Have Competed In? Texas A&M University of Georgia Minneapolis  University of Florida 
Last Movie You Have Seen? Step Brothers Batman: The Dark Knight Batman: The Dark Knight  Batman: The Dark Knight 
Dream Vacation? Nature Walks in Alaska Travel Around Europe For about a Month Bermuda  Renting a villa on the water in Santorini, Greece 
Favorite Kids Cartoon? Nemo The Flintstones Fireman Sam (English show) Pokemon 
Favorite Food? Mexican Mexican Food! Chinese  Chicken Curry 
If you could have dinner with three people (living or dead) who would they be? Jesus Christ, Grandma, President Roger Federer, Will Ferrell, Gordon B. Hinckley That’s a tough question Marilyn Monroe, Jack Johnson, Jake Gyllenhaal 
If you weren’t playing your current sport, what would you be doing? Youth Group Leader Probably Living at home going to school and working Playing Golf  I would be at a Canadian University and have a job 
Favorite team tradition? Seminole Chop Kicking the soccer ball and throwing the football before our matches Not shaving our face before ACC Yelling the war chant as we run up to the court from the locker room 
Superstitions? None I have to always wear my hairband! Don’t walk over three drains in a row  Can’t be the one to hit the very first ball in a hitting warm-up
Who makes you laugh? Wags, Switz, Kate My little sister Mary Anne and my teammate Katie Rybakova Kelly Dean  Jordana Price 
Why did you pick FSU? Soccer I really loved the campus and the coaches.  I just felt like this was the perfect fit for me! The Weather  I loved the family atmosphere down here, and the heat!!!
Best memory from FSU? Final Four This past spring when Tapiwa Marobela clinched the match for us against Miami Winning ACC for the first time  A celebratory dinner at the Cheesecake Factory after we beat UNC!  
First job? CT Soccer Plus Stringing tennis rackets at the tennis club at home Paper Round  Soccer Referee 
Talent I would most like to have? Singing To play the piano. Being the best in the world at golf  Playing Drums 
Words to live by? Live, Laugh, Love, Learn “Nothing will work unless you do.” – John Wooden You Only Live Once  Live, Laugh, Love…
One thing I can’t live without? Food My computer T.V.  My hair straightener 
Favorite spot on campus? Locker Room The new part by the Union The new swimming pool  The walkway between HCB and the Student Union 
What is the one superpower you wish you could have? Fly To read minds Able to Change into anything  Invisibility 
When I am at home I like to? Go Camping Go for walks on the mountain trails by my house Do as little as possible  Clean 
Most influential person in your life? Mom & Dad My Dad My parents My parents 
On average I send____text messages a day? 25 30 10


Facebook or MySpace? Facebook Facebook Facebook (My lifeline) Facebook, hands down 
Pregame rituals? Praying Kicking the ball and throwing the football with the team! Shaving most of my body before a big competition  Listening to music, dancing 

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