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Have you ever wondered what Florida State student-athletes, coaches and staff are like off the field of competition?  If so here is your chance to get to know the players, coaches and staff of the Florida State athletics department a little bit better.



Matt Savage

Sr. – M. Golf


Carly Wynn

Jr.- Softball


Toney Douglas 

Sr.- M. Basketball 



Jocelyn Phillips

So.- W. Swimming

What is your favorite pro sports team? Tampa Bay Rays Atlanta Braves Golden State Warriors  Oakland Raiders 
Favorite TV show 24 Friends Martin  Grey’s Anatomy
Most recent song on your iPod? Michael Buble- Everything Nothin Fancy- Dave Barnes T.I.- Whatever You LIke  Picture to Burn- Taylor Swift 
Favorite Pro Athlete? Tiger Woods Andruw Jones Chris Paul  Don’t Have One
Best Athlete You Have Competed Against? Buster Posey Shanna Smith Chris Paul  Natalie Coughlin, Katie Hoff, Jessica Hardy 
Other than FSU, Best Venue You Have Competed In? The Olympic Club in San Francisco  University of Alabama Florida State is the best venue  2008 Olympic Trials in Omaha 
Last Movie You Have Seen? Batman the Dark Knight Get Smart Step Brothers  Step Brothers 
Dream Vacation? Australia  Skiing in Colorado  Jamaica  Anywhere in Europe 
Favorite Kids Cartoon? G.I. Joes Spongebob Scooby Doo  Rugrats 
Favorite Food? Steak Ice Cream Crispy Bake Chicken  Pasta 
If you could have dinner with three people (living or dead) who would they be? Taylor Swift, George Bush, Tiger Woods My Grandfather, Stephanie Phillips, Josh Hamilton  Beyonce Knowles, Beyonce Knowles, Beyone Knowles  My grandfather, Jane Austen, Mark Twain 
If you weren’t playing your current sport, what would you be doing? Playing Baseball I’d be more organized and play a lot of IM sports  Coaching  Probably at a school near home 
Favorite team tradition? Wearing Garnet in the Final Round Dancing in the locker room before games  Always have a team meeting the night before every game  Too many to think of! 
Superstitions? None Clean out the batter’s box before I step in it  None  None 
Who makes you laugh? Drew Kittleson People who try to be serious and say something completely ridiculous  My father and brother  It’s not hard to make me laugh!
Why did you pick FSU? The Weather, The Campus Girls on the team, the program that I wanted to be part of  Loved the campus, coaches, and my teammates  I loved the team, coaches, and it just fit my personality 
Best memory from FSU? Winning the ACC Championship Freshman year on the beach with friends  Beating Florida and Duke on National Television  ACC’s 
First job? Golf Galaxy Sales High School Softball Organization  Working with my Dad  Haven’t had one yet, but I’d love to write children’s books! 
Talent I would most like to have? To balance 3 pennies on top of each other  Break Dancing  Being able to take care of my parents when I’m done with college  Being able to roll my tongue 
Words to live by? When in Rome… Don’t Stress, it’ll work out exactly how it’s supposed to  Always forgive, but don’t forget  Experience every day like it’s your last 
One thing I can’t live without? Chocolate Cake My sunglasses  My Family  My bed 
Favorite spot on campus? Landis Green  The locker room…it’s got everything I need! Student Union  Moore Athletic Center 
What is the one superpower you wish you could have? Fly Fly Invisibility  Fly
When I am at home I like to? Sit on the couch Visit all my close friends that I don’t get to see during the year  Listen to music  Read a lot!!!
Most influential person in your life? Parents Stephanie Phillips, my friend who died of cancer.  Mom, Dad, Brother  She knows who she is 
On average I send____text messages a day? 30 15  300 100


 Facebook or MySpace?

Facebook Facebook Neither  Facebook 
Pregame rituals? Warming Up Mini dance party before the game  Listen to slow jams and drink a bottle of water before the game  Just focusing 

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