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Have you ever wondered what Florida State student-athletes, coaches and staff are like off the field of competition?  If so here is your chance to get to know the players, coaches and staff of the Florida State athletics department a little bit better.



Jean-Yves Aubone

Jr.- M. Tennis


Kate Milstead 

Jr.- Soccer 


Jimmy Marshall 

Sr.- Baseball 



Brianna Barry 

Jr.- Volleyball 

What is your favorite pro sports team? Miami Heat Manchester United  Atlanta Braves  Don’t Have One!
Favorite TV show Friends Real Housewives of Atlanta  Nip/Tuck  Project Runway 
Most recent song on your iPod? Paul Van Dyk- New York City Steven Curtis Chapman- Cinderella  If it wasn’t for the money- Tea Leaf Green Fall For You
Favorite Pro Athlete? Dwayne Wade  Cristiano Ronaldo  Tiger Woods  Kerry Walsh 
Best Athlete You Have Competed Against? Clint Bowles ???? Justin Upton  Megan Hodge (PSU)
Other than FSU, Best Venue You Have Competed In? U.S. Open Giants Stadium  Rosenblatt Stadium- Omaha  Long Beach State 
Last Movie You Have Seen? Step Brothers  Sex and the City Pineapple Express  Batman The Dark Knight 
Dream Vacation? Dubai Italy and Greece  Italy  Going to a tropical island 
Favorite Kids Cartoon? Scooby Doo Tom and Jerry  Rocko’s Modern Life  Spongebob 
Favorite Food? Bacon Double Cheeseburger  Sushi  Chicken Parmesan  Grilled Cheese 
If you could have dinner with three people (living or dead) who would they be? John F. Kennedy, Barack Obama, Wayne Dyer  My Grandma  Tiger Woods, Jim Morrison, Dave Matthews  Michael Phelps, Apollo Anton Ohno, Karch Kiraly 
If you weren’t playing your current sport, what would you be doing? Stock Broker  Spinning Class and just general awesomeness  Playing Golf  Majoring in Photography 
Favorite team tradition? Fast Food after the match  Dance Parties  Wearing Gold on Sundays  Dancing around the locker room to loud music 
Superstitions? None Always put left side gear on first and Pray  None  None 
Who makes you laugh? Clint Bowles, Chris Cloer  My Roommates  CWAC’s  Nikki and Lauren Young 
Why did you pick FSU? I’ve always been a Seminole fan  it just felt right  Tradition  I grew up around Florida State so it was in my blood to go to school here. 
Best memory from FSU? Beating Pepperdine in 2008 Taking Family portraits in the turf room  Going to the College World Series  Making the All-ACC Freshmen Team 
First job? Racket Stringer  Coach  Baseball Camp  Camp Counselor 
Talent I would most like to have? Singing  ???? Be and Awesome Golfer  Singing 
Words to live by? Rachel McAdams  Romans 5:1-5  Life’s a Garden- Dig it!  Never Give Up 
One thing I can’t live without? iPod  My dog  iPod  My phone 
Favorite spot on campus? Back room at the tennis courts  Starbucks  Baseball Field  Landis Green 
What is the one superpower you wish you could have? Hearing Everything  Mind-Reading  Invisibility  Invisibility 
When I am at home I like to? Eat home cooked meals  Be a bum  Play Guitar  Relax and Watch TV 
Most influential person in your life? Wayne Dyer  Jesus Christ  My parents  My Mom 
On average I send____text messages a day?




Way too many to count! 

 Facebook or MySpace?

Facebook Facebook Facebook  Facebook 
Pregame rituals? Espresso  Praying  None- that’s not us  Taking pictures in the locker room 

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