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Spear-It Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Spear-It Rewards Program?
A: The Spear-It Rewards Program is a way to reward the most loyal Seminole fans for attending both men’s and women’s basketball games. The more games you attend the more stamps you earn!

Q: What’s in it for me?
A: By attending games and earning 12 stamps, you will guarantee yourself a ticket to the men’s basketball game vs. North Carolina on Jan. 14th. Once you’ve received 12 stamps you can start a new rewards card to guarantee a ticket to the men’s basketball game vs. Duke on Feb. 23.

Q: So, how do I earn stamps?
A: It’s easy. All you do is show up to any men’s or women’s basketball game with your Spear-It Rewards card and someone from the athletic department will stamp your card.

Q: How do I get started?
A: There are two ways to get started.
Option 1: Click on the link on the Spear-It Rewards home page and fill out the online registration. The next game you attend you will be able to pick up your Spear-It Rewards Card in the Will Call Line, complete with your first stamp(s)!
Option 2: Come to any men’s or women’s basketball game and sign up at the Spear-It Rewards Table. You might have to wait in line, but you’ll get your card and a stamp for attending the game.

Q: I’m a Seminole Student Booster. Do I get any special perks?
A: Yes! As a Seminole Student Booster you get two free stamps just for signing up!

Q: Where is the Spear-It Rewards Table located and when is it open?
A: The Spear-It Rewards Table will be located on the concourse at the Civic Center right outside section V (south end, opposite the band).

Q: If I forget my card, can I get credit?
A: No. All students must present their Spear-It Rewards card in order to get credit for that event.

Q: I lost my card. Can I get a new one?
A: Yes, there is not limit on replacement cards. However, all stamps earned on your previous card will be forfeited. (In other words, don’t lose your card!)

Q: I was at last week’s event. Can I get credit for it today?
A: No – you must present your card at each event in order to receive credit. No credit will be given for prior athletic events. It is important that you remember to bring your card.

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