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Parker One Of The South Florida Seminoles Looking Forward To Miami Game

Sept. 29, 2008

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – Coming off a big win over a previously undefeated Colorado squad, the Seminole football team (3-1, 0-1) spent 10 periods correcting mistakes from the squad’s 39-21 win on Monday night. While it is hard not to look ahead to next week’s rivalry game with the University of Miami, FSU had other business to take care of before they could get set for the 53rd meeting between the schools. Those preparations for UM will have to wait until Tuesday.



Head Coach Bobby Bowden

On a reduction in mistakes against Colorado, and the need to continue to clean them up in practice:

“We eliminated a lot of them, and you could tell a dog gone difference. But, we still got entirely too many penalties, missed assignments and other things like that. You look around the nation at all of these teams that are getting upset, it’s because somebody makes a mistake at the wrong time and it costs you a ball game.”


On whether the mistakes are mental or physical:

“Mental. Nobody can play a game without making at least a mental error. Go the wrong way or line up wrong or do something like that. If you make too many of them, boy it can sure cost you a ball game.”


On the play of the offensive line:

“They did just much better when you look at the film. Anytime you think they did good, you look at the film and it’s not as good as you thought. Or if you think it’s bad, you look at the film and it isn’t as bad you thought. Overall, they did well.”


On the impact penalties had against Colorado in victory:

“We still just need to eliminate them. All three of their touchdowns came after a penalty that without it might have turned the ball back over to us. You understand that sometimes a player will commit a penalty to stop the other team from getting a big play. It would still be nice to be able if we were able to maybe make some plays without (committing a penalty).”


WR Preston Parker

On Colorado’s game:

“We’ve got a little engine going so we’re trying to keep it rolling and try to forget about that game and come in this week playing the Hurricanes. Playing very energized and just get ready to play, try to win.”


On playing in Dolphin Stadium opposed to the Orange Bowl:

“It will be a big difference. It is my first time playing in that stadium. I’ve always dreamed of playing in there because I’m from down there. Now I’ve got an opportunity to play in there. It’s just a good opportunity.”


On how practice went tonight:

“It was kind of good. Everyone was energized. Correcting mistakes from the Colorado game, even though we won still had mistakes. Just came out energized trying to get a good sweat even though it’s a short practice and treat it like it’s a real hard practice.”



LB Toddrick Verdell

On winning against Colorado:

“We were real pumped. It was Coach’s Bowden’s 500th game as a win so it was just exciting to be involved in something like, it goes down in history for a legendary coach.”


On how practice was today:

“It was pretty good. Just trying to keep the intensity up because we understand it is a big rival week in we’re playing Miami. Intensity-wise it’s just going to get better each day this week.”


On looking forward to this weekend’s game against Miami:

“It’s Miami, you know you’re going to Miami or they are coming up here, either way you just know it’s a big rivalry. If you know you got to play them then your adrenaline should just be pumped for the game.”


RB Antone Smith

On his and the team’s confidence heading into the Miami game after the Colorado victory:

“I don’t think it’s just me, I think that this team has a whole lot of confidence right now. We accept the Miami game as our next challenge, and that is what we are going to do. We are going to go down and play this game and leave everything out on the field, and whatever happens is going to happen.”


On his stellar 154-yard rushing performance against Colorado:

“A lot of people said that they holes is what came together in the Colorado game, but I think the team as a whole came together. Everybody played together; offense, defense and special teams. Everybody did their part and it was a great win. Everybody was able to celebrate a win for coach Bowden’s 500th game.”


On what it would mean to defeat Miami for the Seminoles first acc victory of the season:

“That is the biggest thing for us. This could be a stepping-stone for us in the ACC. If we win this game, it will put us right back into the race for the ACC Championship Game. I think we are going to hit the field and let everything hang, and just have a lot of fun playing the game.”


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