November 1, 2008 - by
Paul The Photo Man

Nov. 1, 2008


On Wednesday, October 15th the Florida State Seminoles left to go on the road to take on NC State which was a great, but small test for our team. As part of my internship with the sports information office, I took some pictures of the team and coaches on the trip. This was a nice project because I really tried to get some “behind-the-scenes” photo that most fans on the outside have not seen. One new thing that we now do is all of the players dress in suits to travel in. We used to wear Florida State warm-ups but now we all dress up which makes us feel and act more professional. We all look really good to so I took pictures of my teammates and coaches before we left and while we traveled. The night before the game I tried to get a few photos of some of the guys during dinner. We all eat together in a big banquet room. After we eat the night before the game, the “D” unites and the “O” unites and splits up and goes into meetings with their position coach. I tried to get some pictures but they didn’t come out like I thought they would. But over all, most of the photos were good. The best thing of all is that we won 27-17 and came home once again with the big W.

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