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Pitching Good Fortune

June 11, 2013

By Steve Stone, Assistant Sports Information Director

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (seminoles.com) – Sometimes the best feeling you can ever experience is the feeling of bringing joy to others, no matter in what fashion it is done.

For rising junior pitcher/designated player Bailey Schinella, this is something she gets to experience nearly every day this summer. The Valrico, Fla. native is back home toward the Central Florida area working on an internship at Publix where she helps let shareholders of the grocery chain know of their sometimes unrealized good fortune.

“Publix Super Markets is a private company where only employees can acquire shares of its stock,” Schinella explains. “Former Publix associates either pass away or simply lose contact with the company and do not realize that they have the opportunity to receive dividend checks. My job is to track down these people or the relatives of the deceased to inform them that they are entitled to dividends of their stock.”

Each fortunate shareholder Schinella helps track down comes in a similar approach of someone from the Florida State Lottery, although the winnings may not be quite as much. With her season having wrapped up in the NCAA Super Regionals just a few weeks ago, the accounting major with a Frisbee-like changeup has just starting learning how to take part in the good-news messenger process that can catch these shareholders off-guard.

In order for college students to start exploring their career paths through work experience, many times they need two things – the drive and a good resource. For Schinella, those two things fell right in her lap as she has always been a diligent and focused individual who sets out to reach her career goals. The latter half was aided by her father, Jerry, who has a high-end job for the Lakeland, Fla.-based company.

“My dad, who works at Publix’s corporate office, called me one day during the school year,” Schinella said. “He told me that Publix had an opportunity for college kids to earn some money and have a great experience with this internship. I am currently an accounting major and I wanted to explore the different pathways that are available to students pursuing an accounting degree.”

Bailey Schinella has landed a fun internship this summer that focuses on making others happy.

Her first pathway to an accounting job treats her as though she is part of the production staff for the TV show Undercover Boss. Schinella reports the entitled shareholders to her senior co-workers, who then meet with them and inform them of the good news. It’s almost as though she is working behind the scenes.

“It’s always rewarding finding someone who you know will appreciate the work I put in to inform them of the money they have coming their way,” Schinella said. “I think it’s pretty cool because I know I would love if someone put forth the effort to help me find money I am entitled to.”

Not only is Schinella dishing the good luck to others, the good fortune could come back full circle as she gets ready to look at her career prospects more vigorously. The more experience she gets being part of a company, learning the corporate world and all its in’s and out’s and seeing what it’s like to go to work every day will enhance her preparation for the Real World.

So far, Schinella sees her summer internship as having great value. Not only for what she gets to provide others, but what she gains for herself.

“This experience gives me insight into how certain companies work,” Schinella added. “Especially being at Publix.”

In the corporate world, the paychecks could be ideal and the actual tasks and goals of your job can be attainable to make it seem like you are satisfied with your occupation. But many times what creates the greatest job satisfaction for workers is their relations and people skills they establish with co-workers. Any division in the work atmosphere can make things uncomfortable overall.

Luckily for Schinella, she gets up and goes to a place that beams with kindness and gratitude. Employees truly enjoy their job and work in sync with each other almost like the elves do in Santa’s workshop in a hyperbolic sense.

“Publix’s corporate office is full of happy and successful people who I can learn a lot from,” Schinella said. “They all really love their jobs. Hopefully, some of my co-workers can be references for me one day when I need to get a full-time job after I graduate.”

The working relationship displayed at her summer employer is not too far off from the attitudes and spirits shown by this year’s Florida State softball team – they were a group that fed off one another and recorded some program milestones that made it enjoyable to grind away at the ballpark. There were bumps in the road with difficult losses and tough injuries, but each student-athlete set forth to do their 1/23rd that was needed and in the end the Seminoles reached the NCAA Super Regionals for the first time since 2006.

For all the talent the team possessed coming into the year, it would not have a meant a thing if there was no jelling. Because of the cohesiveness shown, which was spear-headed by a likeable coaching staff that helps put everyone on the same page, the 2013 season was certainly a year to remember.

“I believe this past season’s success had a lot to do with the attitude of the team as a whole, which was one of passion,” Schinella said. “Each player on the team played their part and emulated a true `team player.’ This season was such a blast and made me love the game of softball all over again. I have my teammates to thank for that.”

Although she has wonderful teammates, it was Schinella herself who put in the hours with hitting coaches Craig Snider and Travis Wilson to better her approach at the plate. The result was a significant development from her freshman to sophomore year, going 0-for-6 at the dish in her first season to 21-for-84 (.250) this past year. Schinella improved so much she found herself as the team’s everyday DP, starting in 36 games.

For Schinella, she even registered her first career home run as a Seminole and it came in record-setting fashion. With this year’s team being tied with the 2007 Seminoles for the previous school record of 49 home runs, Schinella whacked the team’s record-setting 50th shot to right field at Virginia Tech on April 20. This year’s squad wound up shattering the school mark as it recorded 60 round-trippers.

The record-setting moment was one of several grand memories Schinella has recorded so far in her two years at Florida State. Her experience playing under head coach Lonni Alameda and wearing the Garnet and Gold proudly has helped her in many ways.

“Being a part of the softball team has helped me develop and focus on many different aspects of being a student-athlete such as time management, hard work and `being comfortable with the uncomfortable,'” Schinella says using one of Alameda’s phrases. “Not to mention meeting some great people within the athletic department.”

Hopefully the next two years and beyond bring more fond memories for Schinella, as she looks to finish her summer bringing about more financial joy to Publix shareholders. Perhaps the same luck she provides others will boomerang back to her and the rest of the Seminoles as they begin preparations for the 2014 season.

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