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Plant The Spear Vol. 1: ‘It’s Football Season!’ – Florida State University

Plant The Spear Vol. 1: ‘It’s Football Season!’ – Florida State University


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Plant The Spear Vol. 1: 'It's Football Season!'

Ever seen the movie Wedding Crashers? What am I saying ... of course you have; everyone has seen that movie. It's a classic. It's easily one of the top 10 funniest movies of all time and definitely in my personal top five across all genres. 

Anyway, you know that scene in the beginning when Jeremy (Vince Vaughn) calls his business partner and best friend, Jon (Owen Wilson), into his office and shouts in exclamatory fashion that "it's wedding season!" Well, that's me. I am Jeremy in this situation and if you have taken the time to read this than I hope you are Jon sitting in my office. 
In this analogy, it's not wedding season that we are excited about, though. Oh no. It's something far more exciting than that. 
"It's football season!!" (This is one of those moments where the double exclamation point is critical.)
That's right, it's football season; the most wonderful time of the year. As of Wednesday we are just eight days out from the first college games of the year and we are officially on the 10-day countdown to the first Florida State football game.
Ten days. That's it. Not two weeks ... 10 days. That's one day away from single digits; a mark that is always worth celebrating anytime you are counting down to something you've looked forward to for so long.
I've got the itch that only Osceola and Renegade can scratch.
We are just 10 days out from the moment when the Seminoles will trot out of the tunnel, dash through the north endzone and come sprinting onto the field beneath the backdrop of exploding fireworks in the high-noon heat of the Tallahassee sun. 
And yeah, I get it; it's going to be blazingly and uncomfortably hot. If you somehow manage to brave the heat and avoid "super duper combustible melting disease" in which you turn into a puddle on the Doak Campbell Stadium floor, you still are going to miss some of the other games going on throughout the country from the comfort of your living room couch and with the front-row view of your HD TV. 
But c'mon, man! This is Jimbo Fisher's first game. This is history. Don't you wish you could call up Doc Brown, hop in the DeLorean and go back and witness the first Bobby Bowden-led Seminoles squad emerging from the locker room in the 1970s.
Thirty years from now when Fisher is (hopefully) working on his 400th victory, don't you want to tell your kids, grandkids, neighbors, brother's-girlfriend's-sister's-best friend's-cousin's-dog's-veterinarian that you were there?
I know I do. I want my daughter, who will be 11 months old by Sept. 4, to be there. Sure, she doesn't understand what's going on but someday she will appreciate the importance of her presence on those hallowed grounds that day. 
If you're coming from out of town but are on the fence about making the trek to Tallahassee, I have a simple solution: do it! Gas is expensive, the drive is long, Samford isn't perceived as an exciting opponent, blah, blah, blah. It's FSU football. Coach Fisher doesn't accept excuses from his student-athletes and the same standards should be extended to us fans. 
Consider the extra expenses of making the journey an investment. In return for the cash you'd drop on fuel and the time you'd spend on Interstate-10, you get back a competitive football team with a renewed reputation for having the best fans in the nation; a place where opponents are terrified to come play and where dreams of hoisting crystal trophies comes true.
If you want to be a part of all that, join me, my friends, my family and my coworkers as we help usher in a new era of Florida State football.
If you are committed, on board and all in like we are, get your tickets to the Samford game, get there early, get loud and let's help 'Nole Nation plant the spear.

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Planned on being there since the booster money was payed. Go Noles!

I'm in and I'm excited - bringing my daughter(7) to her first game.

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