September 14, 1999 - by
Players’ Thoughts With Ashlee Fontes

Sept. 14, 1999

Traveling to Miami for our game against Florida International University
was a trip that I will not forget anytime soon. It started at the airport
when we arrived at 10:45am for our flight. As we checked in we were told
it would be delayed until 1:05pm. Most of the players spent time studying
to avoid boredom.

The actual flight itself was Ok but I was convinced that we would
crash as the plane was so small. However, it arrived in Miami smoothly,
despite a rain storm. We had more problems at Avis when we went to pick up
our vans. There was some kind of confusion in getting them ready. It
would have been fine but we were already late for our 3:30pm pregame
dinner. We didn’t get to the hotel for our “jungle” lasagna until 4:30pm.
We quickly changed and left for the field at 5:45pm.

When we got on the field our warm-up was unfocused. We did not
look ready to play and this showed in the first half. Although we were
tied at 0-0 at halftime we had played poorly. During halftime the team got
a little kick in the butt from Coach Baker which helped produce a great
second half. We scored three goals and really looked the better team.
Stephanie Dietrich scored a great volley from 20 yards, which really lifted

We returned to the hotel for post game food, which consisted of
appetizers from a local restaurant. It took about five minutes to swallow
the food while we watched the Florida State v Georgia Tech football game.

The following morning we returned to the airport in Miami for our
flight back to Tallahassee. It was just as scary as the flight down. At
least this time there were no delays! All in all, Miami was a fun
successful trip. It would have been great to stay a little longer.

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