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Ponder Feels FSU Just Wrapped Up Its Best Week Of Practice Of The Year


TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – All the talking is over. All the preparations are done. All that is left to do is get down to Miami and play the game. The Seminole football team practiced for 15 periods and put the finishing touches on their game plan for Miami. The first regular season meeting between the teams in Dolphin Stadium will be broadcast to a national audience on ABC and ESPN2.



Cornerback Tony Carter

On last year’s loss:

“It’s a big thing for us. They snuck one on us last season so I am 2-1 versus Miami and I want to go out on top. I want to go out with a big bang.  It`s a big game for our team in the ACC conference. We have to cause a lot of turnovers. They are pretty young and some of those guys it’s their first time playing versus Florida State so we have to make them have adversity early on, cause a lot of turnovers and go out and fly around, take care of business as a whole defense and not give them big plays. In a game like this one big play can be a determining factor in the end.” 


On the rivalry:

“It’s Miami first of all. You grew up watching Miami and Florida State games so whether it’s in a full stadium or their old stadium its still going to be the same – Miami. Those guys play a lot better, when they play us there is a lot more intensity.  We are just looking forward to the competition and the atmosphere.” 


On the importance of this game:

“A win would mean a lot to us. We definitely need it. We don’t want to be 0-2 in the conference.  We need every win from here on out to try and get this thing back over the top.”


Quarterback Christian Ponder

On practice this week:

“This has been the best week we have had all year. We came out focused, motivated and practiced well. It’s Miami week and everyone is excited.”


On the hype for the game:

“It is still exciting. We are ready to go. We are excited. This game has the feeling of the big rivalry game.”


His thoughts on the game:

“Every game is important. We have to look at this as a normal game and not a huge ACC game. We just have to focus and go play the game.”


The key offensively:

“We need to carry off from where we left last game. We need to keep that running game going and minimize mistakes. I need to put my team in the best position to win. I have prepared myself all week and think I’m ready to go.”


Challenges for the game:

“Just being patient. That is what Colorado presented and we just have to be patient. We need to play the game like that. If I play patient, then they will become impatient.”


Starting against Miami for the first time:

“I am very excited. It is up there with the Florida game. I am really excited to be a part of that. It means a lot to play this game. It always hurts to lose to a rival game, so it’ my job now to win it for Florida State.”


On Miami stopping there running game:

“The front four are hard to move. They have big guys. It is going to be tough on the offensive line. Considering how well we have played all season, we will find ways to move Miami. Miami looks a lot like our defense.”



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