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Ponder This – Volume 2 – Florida State University

Ponder This – Volume 2 – Florida State University


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Ponder This - Volume 2

ponder.jpegBy Christian Ponder, Seminoles.com

54-28.  Wow, what a win.  Who would have thunk it?  I'm proud of the way we played going to no. 7 BYU who hasn't lost a home game since 2005, against a Heisman candidate and we won by 26 points.  There was a lot of doubt about this team's potential after the Jacksonville State game, but we knew the true ability of this team.  And we finally showed it in a big statement away from home--and a sod game at that!

Now the big challenge is can we maintain the same level of play this weekend as USF comes into Doak.  They're a good team and this is our first time playing them in school history.  We know that they're going to come in with the mindset of trying to prove that they're the best team in Florida, and we have to be ready for them.  

It should be a fun atmosphere.  The blackout didn't turn out that well, and hopefully the white-out should be just the opposite.  I wish I could be there to see everyone eating breakfast at the tailgates around the Stadium, and that noon kickoff should be a lot of fun.

I'll be back next week as we go up to Bean Town to play Boston College.  We need your support this weekend, and Go 'Noles! 

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Christian, you are defiantly my hero. I don't know what i would be doing with my weekends if it weren't for college football. I love Florida State. I come from south Florida, land of the Cane wannabe's and the Gator band wagoners, so i find it necessary to rep the Noles whenever possible. That win against BYU meant everything. The fact that you lead the team with such confidence and master your classes with such ease, really gives people someone to look up to. You grow better and better every time you play. I cant wait for your senior year! Cool Blog and Good Luck!

I have faith that this team will pull through with another victory this weekend. You just have to keep moral up and attitudes positive. Good luck and I'll be in the stands cheering at the top of my lungs!

So proud to be an FSU alum when I watch the games. You guys are such a great team and no matter what the outcome of the games, I am always jumping off the couch doing my tomahawk chops for all of you -- all the way from Virginia! Christian, you are amazing to watch -- I love it when you run and dive, but also when you hit your targets so swiftly. Keep up the great teamwork!


Be proud of the leadership you are showing the rest of the team & fans....by showing your heart and determination on each play, it fires up the rest of the team and makes everyone play that much harder. You guys are playing your hearts out. Keep up the momentum throughout the rest of the season and FSU could find themselves in a pretty situation come the ACC championship game...hopefully a rematch with Miami! Good luck and GO NOLES!!

Christian Ponder over Tim Tebow anyday. Go Fsu-Noles. Keep up the good hard work and Pound them Gators baby. Bring home that ACC Championship.


The way you managed the team on the field during the BYU game was an exciting reminder of why FSU should never be counted out.

I've been impressed with you since you were thrown to the dogs in your first outing. Your patience in the pocket, your intelligence and sheer athletic ability are phenomenal.

I know that having a great O-Line makes your job easier & having a defense that creates turnovers, receivers making catches that are good on Sunday and running backs seeing holes that no one else sees, makes it more fun.

With your persona and the speed and talent that surround you, I think you have the tools you need to lead this team back to where we're used to being, ON TOP!

I look forward to watching the NOLES put a whippin' on those Bulls this weekend! I'll be one of the 80-some-odd-thousand people cheering for y'all.

Congrats on the BYU win. You guys deserve it!!! You are an amazing QB. You are a great leader and have so much heart for your team. Love to watch you.... Good Luck this Saturday against USF. You guys will do great. I'll be cheering for you. GO NOLES!!!

Mr Ponder,

I am so glad to finally be home from the 3 deployment's (37 months)I have completed in Iraq and able to watch Florida State play. So far you guys have had an awesome season and it makes me proud to say I am and always will be an FSU fan.

I am currently stationed at FT Jackson SC. in the heart of the Gamecock country. It is very interesting watching how lost these fans are.

Every day I come into work I see my good frind Rick, who is a 20 year retired veteran, and we always find time to read the practice report and blogs about the upcoming games.

I just wanted to say that myself and Rick are die hard fans of not only FSU but of their leader Christian Ponder. Keep up the good work and always lead from the front.


Your my hero, man. You are a great football player and have an even better addittude as a leader. You've really built off your experiances last year and have become just the kind of quarterback FSU needs. You'll be the one to lead Florida State back to the glory days.

and talk about academic inspiration! Im looking ahead at college next year, (hopefully FSU!) and i dont how you get a undergrad degree in 2 1/2 years, not to mention being involved with a full time sport while your doing it!

Good luck this week Christian, I'll be rooting you guys on!

P.S. though the pick you threw against Miami was a little discouraging, but your first reaction when he caught it made up for it. haha. it cracked me up.

Awesome game Christian! you and every Seminole that took the field last Saturday in Provo showed just what you are capable of doing! No one can say the Noles are down any longer!

But that game is now behind you and you must put your focus on the Bulls and then every team thereafter. I have a renewed sense of awe with this 2009 Seminole team and I know what each and every one of you are capable of accomplishing when you set your minds to it. Keep the intensity up each and every play and we'll always come out on the winning side.

Good luck and GO NOLES!!!


I know it's just your (RS)Jr. year, but already you remind me of our 1998 team...that we knew was on the verge of something great...but a had setback. Only to come back next year loaded and lock and be the first team to go wire to wire AP # 1 and win our second National Championship. Continue doing what we're doing...One game at a time and we will get our rematch with Miami and this time...we won't a last second pass to win...

im a huge FSU fan and just feel so upset at how it seems that the team just doesnt show as much urgency in some games. I couldnt believe what i saw from one week to the next. I know this team is talented enough to win a lot of ballgames. I have faith in you guys and know we will bounce back because we have a chance to win our side of the division. GO NOLES

p.s. I hope you are okay and your knee is not a huge problem for you.

I had the words that would get our O-line to play as hard and as fast as they could and leave there hearts out on the field each and every play, series , game (Like they did against BYU). Because it is clear that if they did we would win the ACC and if our D and holding on to the ball improved we could give florida a major dog fight. The Question is: How Bad do we want it? As for me and what I have seen from You we would do anything to make it happen.

Go Seminoles!!

PS. The FSU Football Team is in my prayer and I believe with the right mind set we can be 10-3 or 11-2. I know the Noles can Make it Happen!!

Greetings Chris,
I have been following the noles since the mid 80's and am a die hard fan. For that reason I have the right to be upset at what I've seen this season. I know as a quarterback you have a lot on your mind each and every snap, but as fans we want to see a little more progression and leadership from you. Sometimes you just need to grab a lineman by the face mask and tell him stay focus (in not so nice words). The woes of this seasons are not caused by you, but as a leader take responsiblity and rally the team. Remind the receivers to block down field, fire up the running backs to be more explosive in the holes, show the coaching staff that you can get that 4th and 1, or 1st and 3. I understand it's easier said than done, but all in all, you are doing a good job...it's just that you are at a great university, therefore a great job is expected.

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