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Ponder This – Volume III – Florida State University

Ponder This – Volume III – Florida State University


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Ponder This - Volume III

By Christian Ponder, Seminoles.com
boston.jpgLet's talk Bean Town.  Not football-- just Bean Town.  I love that city.  I've been there several times because my Dad's office is based out of Boston.  The History of that city and the Freedom Trail, gotta love the Freedom Trail, baby.  You can see all these historical places like Paul Revere's house.  That quote about "The British are coming, the British are coming!" should instead read "The Seminoles are coming, the SEMINOLES are coming!"  Hahaha, good times.

Also, we gotta love a little clam chowder and lobster bisque.  The food up in Boston is exquisite and "wicked" good...I think that's what they say up there at least.  Fenway Park, I've never been to a game there, but it's definitely on Bucket LIst of things to do before I die.  Sweet Caroline, bah bah bah.  I definitely want to get to a game there, but we're in football season, so no can do on that one at this time.  

I honestly don't know why it's called Bean Town, maybe Boston Baked Beans?  I know that's a long shot, but I guess we'll never know.  Maybe I'll just google that after class today.  

But until next time, I need to come up with some kind of sign off or signature at the end.  Any suggestions?  I'm open to suggestions, so please write in with your comments.

Play on, playas.  

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Ponder my man...you can eat some of that clam chowder after you bring home a HUGE W. Get the team pumped plllzzzzzzzzzzz!! Yall unify and come out and stomp them. The fans are behind you guys now roll with it!!!!

Hay Ponder, hows it goin, i hope the team can rally together and win on saturday, i bleed garnet and gold, and you can lead this team i kno you can lead this team, you have proven it, at BYU, now go out there and prove to the sports nation that FLORIDA STATE is a force to be reckoned with.

True Nole
William Haygood

Your signature could be CP7 or something of that nature. lol. Good luck Saturday! 🙂

I know this sounds like a generic sign off, but how about... Go Noles! Can't beat a classic! Best of luck this weekend!

How about 'Ponder that!'

So i think "Ponder that" is a winner. sounds good, and has your name in it. Praying for you guys keep up the good work! GO NOLES!

Good luck this weekend I will be glued to the TV like every time the Noles play. It is good to finally have a player such as yourself at the helm, now if everybody else would just catch and hold on to the ball or cover their man. I just want to say that the 50 some yard TD pass that you threw (called back for holding) was awesome too bad it won't make the highlight reel. Keep playing hard.

Hey Ponder, been a Noles fan all my life and have anxiously been waiting for the right leadership to resurface since Weinke. Keep up the focus and good work...the team really needs to be rallied together...now more than ever. The beer is on me if you are ever in Austin!

Im a junior in high school in Johnstown PA, its a shame but i am probably the only noles fan in the entire school district. Just wanted you to know your a role model on and off the field. And go noles from PA!

Ponder That is good but what about Ponder out Peace!

Now I live and breathe FSU Football every year and Saturday! I hope you all realize you have great coaches on those sidelines everyday, but it takes your leadership to ensure that the players succeed. I love it when you get fired up and that in turns fires everyone else up.

Keep up the the hard work!


how about you sign out with: "Don't wonder that, ponder this." But keep the play on playas part, I liked it. Haha

Ponder That sounds pretty good.

Ponder, I've been a 'Noles fan since I was six years old and now, 17 years later, I'm glad to see we have such a great QB. Go 'Noles, and keep up the good work!

Hey Ponder, good luck against GT, This season has got off to a sluggish start but there are still a lot of games to be played and I think we could upset the gators this year in the swamp. I hope you knock a GT players helmet off this weekend! Keep playing hard, Go 'Noles

Your sign off should be: " Stay classy Tallahassee"

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