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Ponder This – Volume V – Florida State University

Ponder This – Volume V – Florida State University


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Ponder This - Volume V

pondergrad.jpgBy Christian Ponder, Seminoles.com
I thought this week I'd give some props to my Business Professor, Wayne Hochwarter, and our research that we performed that was just released by the Florida State Business School.

Currently, I'm doing a Directed Independent Study (DIS) with Professor Hochwarter as part of my MBA in the Business School.  As part of the DIS, we're performing several studies including the study that was just released on Monday.  In this research, we looked at the real effects of monetary frugality in everyday life, which has been brought to light by the recent economic downturn.  We surveyed 1,500 local employees to measure their spending habits and discovered the consequences of not being frugal with your money.  The research confirmed that less-conservative employees set aside few financial resources to cushion the family in the event of an emergency of change in work status.  In other words, we found that it's far better to be more conservative with your financial resources, even though that might not be the more popular thought in today's world.  

Throughout the process, I learned a lot about professors perform their research, and the vast majority of it is really interesting.  It takes more work and time than most people would know, so I'm grateful that Hochwarter let me be part of this study.  Hopefully I'll get to do this again in the near future.

Personally, I've been really enjoying our bye week.  Everyone deserves a couple days off here and there, and I've really taken advantage of it.  Some of the offensive lineman and I went out to the golf course earlier this week and as always, it was definitely fun to get out there.   I shot in the 80's: ARE YOU LISTENING SHAWN POWELL?  The 80's, and I'm finally developing a good short game that doesn't cost me tons of strokes every round.  When I can put my drive in the fairway almost every time and get that short game going, I like to call it a "Ponder Day" on the golf course.  

Now, I've received tons of comments about my sign off.  Their were some good ones last week, but I'm looking for something really funny.  So for now, continuing with the movie theme from last week...

"Big Gulps, Huh?  Well, see ya later!"   

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Hey Christian! what are some tips you could give to a nine year old, well really anyone that needs help with football, that you use and or used to get you where you are today. because my little brother wants to be in your shoes or cleats and is having his worst season yet!

P.S. if you decide to go pro what is your "Dream Team"

Keep up the good work. Have faith this is going to turn around real real soon.

In all honesty, Christian, I like the random sign offs you posted the last couple weeks. Keep it up.

I love the way you are running the offense this year man. Keep up the good work and we'll get back to where we need to be soon! Thanks for all the effort and it's been a pleasure watching you play QB!


your a beast! haha the blogs are pretty funny to man.

Hi Christian. My wife and I met you the following Sunday after the USF game. We took a few photos of you with myself and my wife. It was a pleasure meeting you. I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to let us take your photo. We enjoyed talking with you. You are a very nice young man. You have done your parents proud.

We both were happy to see you guys get your first ACC win against the Heels. Tell your team mates to just have fun playing your games, everything will fall into place because you guys have all the talent it takes to win. Get that swagger back. You guys are Florida State. Play without fear. Make your opponent fear the spear. It was a pleasure meeting a fellow Texan. Good luck with the rest of your season. Go win your side of the conference. I would like you to do me a small favor if you can. Would you tell Bobby I wish I could have met him and My wife GiGI and I support him and thank him for all he is and does for you young men and your University.

Take care and keep striving for the best you can be.

Go Noles!!!


Michael & GiGi Turner

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