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Ponder This – Volume VI – Florida State University

Ponder This – Volume VI – Florida State University


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Ponder This - Volume VI

By Christian Ponder, Seminoles.com

It's funny how today's society functions.  We lose three games in a row, and the sky is absolutely falling:  Apparently we're the worst team in America and we can't do anything right.  One week later, we play a great North Carolina team and come out with a decent win, and now for some reason you don't hear anybody's head being called for.  I guess wins cure everything...

But now the momentum is on our side, and we have a big game against NC State coming up on Saturday.  They always play us hard, and we're expecting a 4-quarter ball game and it will probably come down to the last minute like most of the games we've played this season.  It's an important game for both of us to keep our ACC Championship hopes alive. 

Two weeks ago, we gave a shout out to Seath Lauer.  This week, it has to go to my boy, my old roommate, Roderick Owens aka "Old School."  We've always had a connection, starting with our remake of the Thriller video that was posted on MySpace a couple years ago that hopefully has been lost forever, and our late night Guitar Hero battles.  Now it's transferring over to the football field with our record-tying 98-yard touchdown pass.  That was just incredible how he kept his balance on the sideline. 

On a lighter note, let's talk Halloween costumes!  With our noon game, I'll have the opportunity to take part in the Halloween festivities, but I still haven't figured out my costume yet.  Shawn Powell and I were planning on being Mario & Luigi, but those plans fell through, and now we need YOUR ideas! 

My all time favorite Halloween costume had to be Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...Cowabunga Dude!  

Any ideas for this year will be much appreciated! 

So for now...

"Rule #76...No Excuses, Play Like a Champion!"

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OMG, Christian, I love the pic of you and Shawn as Mario and Luigi! Too funny. Even as I type this, I'm still laughing hysterically. Too bad those plans fell through, 1t would have been funny if the two of you had done that in real life.

BTW, I love your sign off about not having any excuses and playing like a champion. It's obvious that you take that to heart because of how well you do on the field. You're a fantastic QB- the best in the state of FL, and the best in the ACC. Go get NC State on Saturday, man.

Ponder! Call us or email us....we would love for you to call into the show!!! Great Blog...dead on!

Alright Mr. Ponder. Keep the ball running. FSU FB have to win the rest of the games. Even the UF game. Go noles

go as the Heisman trophy.....you are a one of the best in stats.....only if those forth quarters went our way.oh and a question you could maybe answer for me. who is your favorite target?

Please tell me you'll be back next year!
We need you to stay the course with this team.
Did you hear your name in the Heisman talk last weekend from Herbstreit?
Please stay.

I have been a die hard seminoles fan since I was born. And we need to prepare for the upcoming florida game. Because we can lose all our games but. When its time to play florida patience is a virtue. They have demolished and obliterated our team. Like Barack Obama said " Yes we can". Remember this statement when you go into every single game in the rest of your life. This is not just for foridayou are playingthis is for anybody you take on.
Seminole For Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha the Luigi and Mario idea was funny, you guys could be a banana and a guerilla, or ketchup and mustard. That's all i got. Good luck finding costumes.

I meant gorilla, sorry.

blues brothers?...dumb n dumber?...stuck on you? haha

Christian, first off, congrats on an awesome win and great game last Thursday! I see someone already posted my idea about the tuxedos from Dumb & Dumber. My buddy and I are going to a party as Stewie and Brian (Family Guy). Also, two of my friends are going as Jon & Kate from that awful reality show. The wig my boy is using for Kate's wacky hairdo is priceless. Good luck this weekend, and the rest of the season!

CP, your not going to leave us for the NFL after this year, are you??

You da man Ponder. Keep leading the boys, the promise land is on the horizon! You'll have a greater future because of the adversity you continue to manage the team through. Keep of the great work and dont ever become complacent, never stop fighting!!

Coach G

Ponder. I hope u go to the gator bowl. I need to see bobby bowden to get a autograph. u guys are my favorite team. im so excited about next year granted u have a pretty legit schedule but i smell oranges next year.. have a safe surgery and hope to see u in january... and play on playaa

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