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Ponder This – Volume VII – Florida State University

Ponder This – Volume VII – Florida State University


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Ponder This - Volume VII

By Christian Ponder, Seminoles.com
Sorry for the short blog entry today, it's been really crazy and there's TONS of stuff going on.  But let's talk football!

First off, I want to give another shout out, this time to my boy Cameron Brock.  Hope you're doing well, and just keep fighting man.  I want you to know that you're in our thoughts and prayers and all of Seminole nation is behind you!

Big game, probably the biggest game of our season, this Saturday at Clemson.  We're expecting it to be a tough game, four quarter ball game like the last few have been for us.  Offensively, we just need to be disciplined, they have a great defense,  we need to match their intensity and play the way we know we can play.

Also want to let you know of a radio interview that Dr. Wayne Hochwarter and I did for WFSU.  Here's the link to it, so be sure to check it out when you get a chance.  It's good to learn about fiscal conservatism, and we go more in depth about the research that we did recently.  It's good stuff.

Also, I'm now finally on Twitter!  Make sure to hit me up @cponder7.  Fun stuff man, fun stuff.  

So for now...

Keep on Keepin' On!

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Good luck agains Clemson, Christian! My eyes will be glued to the TV during the entire game. Go 'Noles!

I just saw the pic of the Nike uniforms on your Twitter, and I love them. They are amazing, and I wish we'd switch over to them.

The black helmet with your UNCONQUERED jerseys would be so Dope

So what exactly did happen between you and Buffalo Bob?

Good luck for the rest of the season

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