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May 31, 2009

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Ohio State Head Coach Bob Todd
On what you tell the team after a game like today…
“I don’t think that you can tell them anything. Obviously you know what happened, you know what’s going on. Everything that they did was right and everything that we did was wrong, it’s almost like an inter-squad game.”

Florida State Head Coach Mike Martin
Opening Statement…
“I have been blessed to be here 35 years and I can honestly say I have never seen anything like that. I have never seen anything like it. When Stephen (Cardullo) came to the plate for his ninth (at-bat), I looked out and I said, `I have never seen anybody get nine (at-bats) in one game.’ And the only reason you’ve got nine (at-bats) is because we didn’t have anybody to put in at shortstop. But it was just a game that you look at our young men with what was at stake and you give them the credit because that’s where it is most deserved.”

Florida State Pitcher Mike McGee
On whether or not it’s tough to stay focused with a plus-30-run lead…
“It is kind of difficult to stay focused because a close game you are really focused in on not making a bad pitch. When you have a 32-run lead or whatever I had when I was in there, it’s tough to kind of get focused and make good pitches. It’s tough to stay focused and hit your spots.”

Florida State Shortstop Stephen Cardullo
On the atmosphere in the dugout…
“It was definitely a great feeling. Everybody was getting hits and out in the field was just great. It was just a great, complete game from both standpoints – defensively, pitching and offense of course.”

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