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Postgame Quotes: BC 27 FSU 17

Nov. 16, 2008

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Head Coach Bobby Bowden

Opening statement:

“What you would have thought would have happened finally happened and that’s what we got, whipped up front very thoroughly. Offensively and defensively, just got whipped up front.  That’s the first time this year, especially offensively. I’ve been amazed all year of how our offensive line has survived and really whipped the other team, whether we won the game or not.


“Tonight, they whipped us up front.  The quarterback didn’t have time to set and they had the ball the whole dadgum football game. 


“They deserved to win it in every facet.  But the big two problems I see, not studying the film, is number one you got whipped up front and two is your penalties.  Your self-destruction that we are very good at.”


On the lack of running game having an effect on QB Christian Ponder:

“That’s what it does when you can’t run the football, it throws everything on your quarterback.  And when your quarterback doesn’t have time to throw and you can’t run the ball, you ain’t got nothing. We had to have a pitch-out pass to score.  They deserve all the credit though.  He [Jeff Jagodzinski] lost all those kids last year, I didn’t think they’d be that good.  But dadgumit he’s really done a heck of a job.”


On how the events of the week affected the game:

“Probably helped a little bit.  That’s what I told the kids, it’s been a lousy week.  It took some good receivers out of there, might could have done better.  You lost three of your top receivers, but I don’t know.   If you can’t do it out front… put an All-American out there and they had a hard time doing it.”


QB Christian Ponder

Feelings on the game:

“It’s very frustrating. We knew Wake [Forest] had lost and that we had it in our hands, but offensively we just didn’t do enough to win. I had three turnovers and two when we’re going in for the score, and you just cannot win that way. It was close, but we couldn’t get it together, and that starts with me.


On the effect of the suspensions:

“It had nothing to do with the loss. We missed key guys, but every week we have missed guys. We just didn’t do enough.”


On offensive line:

“I didn’t think they played too bad, but Boston College has a few huge tackles that are probably going to be making a lot of money in the NFL. They are a top 10 defense. We knew it was going to be tough and we just didn’t do enough.”



WR Rod Owens

On receivers’ performance:

“We did the best we could. We always find some way to overcome adversity. Missing those guys, they are special players, who do different things that are special. We just had to improvise and work with what we had out there.”


Feelings on the loss:

“It hurts. Anytime you lose it hurts. We had a lot of opportunities, but we always


DB Tony Carter

(On Boston College converting so many third downs)

“They did a good job of executing.  They pretty much just pounded the ball most of the game and threw quick passes.  We couldn’t get much pressure on the quarterback, we made one big play on them, but their O-Line controlled the whole game and they did a good job of converting.  We did a bad job on first down, if we could get them in third and long we would have had a better chance of stopping them, but they had a lot of third and shorts.”


(On controlling their own destiny with Wake Forest losing)

“It was a good opportunity before the game.  Everyone was exciting saying we controlled our own destiny.  We went out and fought, they were just the better team tonight.”


(On how much the suspensions hurt the team)

“They just controlled the line of scrimmage.  We lost some wide receivers, some skill positions, but they controlled the line and we couldn’t run the ball.  Receivers don’t have much to do with the running game.”


(On Boston College quarterback Chris Crane)

“He’s a good quarterback when he has to make quick decisions.  He kind of new where he was going before each play, but he made some good throws across the middle and their receivers did a good job of fighting and making the tough catches.  He did a good job of mixing it up and keeping us on our toes.”


P Graham Gano

(On losing when FSU controlled its own destiny)

“We’ve just got to go out and win the next few ballgames and not worry about what happened with other teams.  It’s definitely disappointing.”



(On his fourth down conversion run)

“The main thing I was trying to do on that play was get the first down, find out where that marker was.  Once I got that I tried to get as much as I could after that, but I knew I had to get that first.”


(On his first miss after making 18 straight field goals)

“That was all my fault, the hold was perfect the snap was good I kind of aimed too much to the left.  I was trying to judge the wind and the wind stopped so it was just a learning experience and I know not to do it again.”


Head Coach Jeff Jagodzinksi

On the win:

“They made a real big deal about the blackout so we got all of our guys black shirts and said, ‘Well if we are not going to get invited then let’s go ahead and crash the party.’ And that’s what we did. I am really proud of them for the way they fought. That’s the good part of being a coach to see your kids fight like that.”


On the final scoring drive that put the game away:

“It was the first time where the offensive line got a chance to take the game over. We’ve been asking them to do that all season and they finally started coming off the ball well.”


On the onside kick early in the first quarter:

“I said as soon as we score the onside kick is going to be the next play. We saw some stuff on film and our kids executed it. We were going to do that regardless.”


On Jacksonville, Fla. native, RB Montel Harris:

“He’s a really good football player. He was a guy – we mentioned last week – that nobody wanted him. He was right from here (Florida). No one wanted him. I think he was a two-star recruit. I will tell you what; he is a four- or five-star player. He runs hard. He doesn’t run like a true freshman.”


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