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Postgame Quotes: FSU 41 Clemson 27

Nov. 8, 2008

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Head Coach Bobby Bowden

Opening statement:

“Seems like the game would never end. Well, you think you got it, now we got it, then you get a penalty or a fumble or an interception or something and then they’d score and now you’ve got to fight for your life again. But our offense responded to everyone of them. Anytime they got ahead of us, our offense responded. Then when it looked like we had them, they came on back and scored back. Lots of times we hadn’t done that, but we’ve been doing it this year, nearly done it against Georgia Tech, been nice to have that; a little winning streak going.”


On winning from behind:

“Anytime you come from behind and win, it’s a good sign. And if you never get behind, you never find out what you’re made out of. So that part of it has been, I think, our kids have proved that over and over that they’re gonna fight you, they gonna fight you until the end of the ball game.”


On the running game:

“Well that was good. Our running game has really made our offense. If we had to go out there and throw, throw, throw, throw, you can see what happens. But our running game is really doing well. We try to keep the other team off balance where they just can’t rush the passer like they would like to. So I’m very happy with the way our running game. Our offense begins with the offensive line, the tight end, the fullback. But they’ve graded out pretty good.”


On the younger student-athletes performing well:

“Well, you know, they don’t have to be that way, but they are that way. I think a lot of it goes to the leadership of the coaches. Coaches keep their heads pretty level, you know, and seems to sell them on what they’ve got to do, what they can do and things like that. The kids are doing their best to meet it.”


QB Christian Ponder

On the win:

“To come out and beat them feels good. Our offense, I think we started out a little slow and we need to fix some things but we were able to put together some drives that brought the momentum back to us.”


On the touchdown pass to Corey Surrency:

“It was a screen to him and he got his big body in there where he gets some momentum and starts going and it’s hard for him to stop. Our offensive line did a great job and I don’t even know if he got touched. He did a good job getting in there.”


On the resiliency of the team:

“I think if you had told me that we’d be 7-2 earlier this year I’d take it. We’re producing drives after they score and when we need some momentum back we’re doing these things. We’ve got a lot of character on this team. We’ve got a lot of pride and everyone is pushing themselves. Everyone is doing a heck of a job.”


WR Louis Givens:

On having his number called on offense:

“That’s really what I want to try to bring to the team is a spark. I am pretty swift and I just want to bring that spark and that intensity to the team. I am always in guys’ ears on the sidelines and at practice. I am always the one that is trying to bring somebody up in the locker room. I just want to get us unified. We have great players here and I want to be a part of that. I am happy to be here. I really am.”


On the reverse that set up the touchdown:

“Coach had said I was going to run it earlier in the week and all week he has been in my ear saying, ‘You might get it, you might get … be ready, be ready.’ So I have been ready. When I got in there, Preston (Parker) actually came over to me and said, ‘All the jitter bugs should be out right now. Let’s go.’


RB Jermaine Thomas:

On being able to run against Clemson:

“It was exciting. We talked about it all week about how other teams weren’t able to run on them. We just stuck with our blocking schemes and we just felt like they hadn’t played a team like us.”


On winning for Coach Bowden on his birthday:

“Oh, that’s exciting. You can’t get any better. I know that was a good birthday present for him.”


On his ability to hit the hole in the defense quickly:

“I just make sure I make the right reads and trust my offensive line to make the right blocks. I just react off of the angles and how they position the defensive guys.”


DL Budd Thacker:

(on momentum change after Moffett’s interception return for a touchdown)

“It changed the entire game.  When he ran that thing back to the end-zone we were all fired up.  It got the team rolling.  You don’t see that happen all the time… I’m happy for him, I’m happy for the team, it was awesome.”


(on the dominating defensive line play)

“We’ve been dominating pretty much most of the season it seems like.  We get a lot of pressure on the quarterback and we just have to keep it up.  We can’t let up.  Everette has been playing great.  I love playing with him.  He always has a high motor.  His motor is always running and it’s time to go get Boston College.”


(on the mood after today’s win compared to last weekend’s lost)

“It was great.  Someone had to pay for that loss last week and it might as well have been Clemson.”


Defensive Coordinator Mickey Andrews:

(on adjustments after falling behind 10-0)

“The thing was we just had to turn loose and quit playing cautious and go play Florida State football.  Sometimes it’s not what you do with X’s and O’s, you adjust your chinstrap more than you change what you’re doing.”


DL Neefy Moffett:

(on his interception)

“I was at nose [guard] and we had a little stunt where the end goes in and I go around.  I saw the screen at the last minute and when Everette Brown hit the quarterback it caused a bad throw and I just intercepted it and scored.  I felt like I owed my team that.  Everette did all the work and I did the easy part.”


(on dragging a player into the end-zone)

“It did feel like I was a running back.  My last carry in high school [Seminole teammate] Kendrick Stewart made me fumble the ball and he picks at me all the time about that, that my last carry was a fumble so I was just making sure I didn’t fumble the ball.”


Clemson Interim Head Coach

Dabo Swinney


“Very disappointed, obviously.  The objective is to find a way to win.  You’ve got to give them credit.  They were definitely the better team today; simple as that.  Just outplayed us.  We had several opportunities to re-tale the lead or get back in the game but we just couldn’t seem to get over the hump.  But there will be a lot of things we can learn from on this film. 


“Defensively, we are very disappointed.  Our defense has played very well the last three ball games or so.  We just couldn’t get off the field today.  You have to give them credit.  They blocked us.  The thing that is the most disappointing is (on) the two reverses we had the right calls and we just didn’t execute.  We didn’t tackle very well.  The two reverses hurt us.  The most frustrating thing for me in the ball game was they got one score on third and eight; we got zero pressure and he (Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder) forever to run around and complete a first down on go onto score.  Then third and 15; we go out and got some points got a chance – I think it was a seven point game, third and 15 and (they) throw a screen we got seven (Ponder) dropped and we don’t make a tackle.  We don’t make a tackle.  I’m just very disappointed in that because those were the opportunities that I’m talking about where we could maybe have taken control of the game again and gotten the momentum back.  When you come to a place like this it’s all about momentum.  You’ve got to get some momentum and we didn’t do a good job of taking the momentum back.  I’m very disappointed.  Also, kickoff coverage I thought put our defense in poor field position.  They did a good job of blocking us. 


“Offensively, I’m proud we didn’t quit.  I don’t think the team quit at all.  They played to the very, very end.  You get an onsides kick and anything can happen.  I was thinking 1998 at LSU, onsides hit Shon Alexander for a touchdown.  Onsides got it back and went and won the game.  That’s what I had in my mind.  We didn’t execute the onsides kick very well and they made the play.  Offensively – they are a good defense; very, very good.  They are top five in the nation for a reason.  They played with a high, high motor and high energy today.  I was most disappointed with our protection – we were pathetic.  It really hurt us losing Chris Hairston – we lost him somewhere in the first half.  He had a slight concussion and couldn’t go back in.  We just absolutely just got whipped on some match ups. That’s really what it comes down to.”



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