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POSTGAME QUOTES: FSU 46 Chattanooga 7

Sept. 13, 2008

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Head Coach Bobby Bowden:

(Opening statement)

“Today’s ball game was very much last week’s game except that we did not execute. Last week we just nearly executed perfect. Hardly any penalties, no fumbles, no interceptions, first down after first down, didn’t punt much, really executed pretty good. Didn’t mean a lot because you’re playing 1-AA schools except it was a win. Now today it’s about the same thing, except you’ve got penalties, dropped the ball, misread, had some missed assignments, you did this and you did that. So we did not execute as good. Now the one thing about that execution it didn’t break down until we started substituting. When we started whole self substituting then all of a sudden this guy misses a block and this guy misses a pass, this guy gets a penalty and maybe it would not have happened had your first team been in there, and I’m talking about from an offensive standpoint. Now from a defensive standpoint you really only had one bad play and it was that touchdown. That’s about the only thing that got out of there. So anyway, overall it’s pleasing, but it doesn’t mean a darn thing because we have not played a A-1 school yet which h this Saturday we’ll have a chance for it to be pleasing or either unpleasant.”


(on about Wake Forest next week)

“What would have been a shame was been a lost to one of these first two but you shouldn’t lose it. It would have been a shame if you had, it could have ruined your whole season. But at least we got those out of the way but now we’re fixin’ to step it up a notch and find out. I’m really concerned about are we strong enough to play Wake Forest. I mean they are a seasoned, big, talented football team. They’re a mature football team, very smart football team with, gosh I think, eight or nine starters back on defense, a good nucleus on offense and are we going to be hold up against them with those freshman defensive tackles and some of the guys we’re playing right now, are we going to be able to hold up against them.”


QB Christian Ponder:

(on picking up where the team left off last week)

“It definitely went well.  I think the whole focus this time was to start off hot.  Last week we came out and were a little slow and lackadaisical and basically the whole focus this week was to come out on the first drive and score and we did that.  It kind of got sloppy at the end and we have to fix that this coming week because Wake Forest will be a tough game and we have to play all four quarters this coming week.  We definitely have to work on some stuff but I think we definitely played well. 


(on importance of first two games)

“It definitely helped me out and kind of get settled in this offense.  Especially all the new guys that have played these first two games it has helped me build my confidence up a little bit and start to relax.  It went really well for me and I’m glad we started out hot this game and I definitely learned from these two games and will use it for the rest of the season.


WR Corey Surrency:

(on the game against Chattanooga)

“(This game) was a test for us.  We went out there and played as hard as if it was Clemson or Wake Forest.  (A game like that) is something to try to get our offense to gel together.  We still practiced hard all week and Jimbo (Fisher) had us prepared.


(on the first touchdown he scored)

“As soon as I saw the man coverage it crossed my mind that this dude was not going to stop me on this post route.  I just went up and got the ball and did my job.”


LB Kenny Ingram:

(On what he has learned his first two games)

This team has so much heart. This team plays so well together, we have really good morale as a team. It’s a better team and it feels like everybody gets along better.


(On the upcoming Wake Forest game)

These two games definitely helped us. Chattanooga is a good team and I’m glad that we came out with the win and we are definitely looking forward to playing against Wake next week.


(On his force fumble and recovery)

Well it was a two-read and they had ran that play already in the game and so when I saw it again I remembered that they have that guy trekking across and so I went and made the play.


LB Toddrick Verdell:

(On ability to get team focused for Wake next week)

Well we try to approach every game like it’s a big game. Even against Western Carolina last week we tried to go in it with our A-game. It’s not going to be anything different preparation going into the Wake game. We really needed this game to work some things out and bring our A-game next week. We have a sour taste in our mouths from them because of the past couple years so we are definitely excited.”



Rodney Allison

Chattanooga Head Coach


“I thought we played better (as compared to the opener against Oklahoma).  I thought we had some critical mistakes at times.  We had a situation once where we gave up a touchdown on zone coverage-two deep on a quarterback draw, and I know the kid is a great athlete.  We had a breakdown there at the end on a third and 25. There were three or four things that we could have done better during the course of the game that could have made it a more competitive game.  I thought at some points we played pretty decently.  I’ll be anxious to see how they (Florida State go forward during the year and how good they are.  I think they have some work to do; they’ve got a young offensive line and some different things.  Looks like they have some things they can do at quarterback.  It’s that same story – I want to look at the film first before I see.  I thought and felt like during the game that there were a couple of situations where it could have been a competitive game.  We don’t get the punt fumble when it was 21-7.  It didn’t happen – we didn’t put ourselves in position to make it competitive.” 


On the play of your quarterbacks

“I don’t know.  That was kind of really hard to look at and evaluate.  I thought in the first half protection was an issue.  I’m not sure how many really mistakes Tony (Pastore) made that were directly his and attributed to him.  Jare (Gault) has got to look down the field instead of looking at the rush.  Jare made a nice throw to (Chris) Pitchford the one time when I think most of their good guys were still in the game.  We’ll just have to see.  We are going to have to make a decision on which way we are going to go here because its crunch time.  It’s time, we have got these three behind us and it’s time to go.  Really in my mind, this is the start of a nine-game situation that we have to play and be ready.” 


Can you compare Oklahoma and Florida State?

“I don’t want to get into comparing Oklahoma and Florida State.  Oklahoma is the No. 3 of 4 or 5 team in the country and Florida State is not.  There is a difference right now but I am going to let the season play out and let them determine that.  That’s not my place to critique Florida State.  He’s (Bobby Bowden) has won more games in the history of the school and it’s not my place to…he knows what he is doing.  I don’t mean it like that.  I don’t want to answer that question. 


How much did the game against Oklahoma prepare you for this game?

“I think it helps and I think our kinds were more competitive.  The score didn’t end up like we wanted to.  Like I said I thought we could have done a few more things to put us in a better situation.  But I felt like this wasn’t a blowout.  I felt like that for a long time.  The first thing Coach Bowden said, Coach Fischer said was “yalls kids play harder than anybody we play – maybe not that they play – but that was their first compliment was how hard we play.  That part of it I appreciate.  I felt like we were doing that during the course of the game.”



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