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Postgame Quotes: FSU 69 WCU 0

Sept. 7, 2008

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Head Coach Bobby Bowden:

(opening statement)

“Well, our kids did better than I thought we would the first game, the first ball game. That’s the kind of game we needed. Does it tell you what kind of team you’ve got? Not especially. But I think when you look at a game like that, when you’re playing somebody you gotta out man at your place, then the thing you look for is do you see bad? If you see anything bad, you know. I did not see too many things bad. We had so many question marks tonight that we didn’t know what they would do being a freshman and experience. After they got through with their first quarter jitters they did very well.”


(on the young quarterbacks)

“That was very pleasing to me. Very pleasing to me. I’m sure that one of Jimbo’s (Fisher) reason of going with (Christian) Ponder and D’Vontrey (Richardson) was their feet. You saw what they did tonight. There was some first downs made out there that if a guy can’t run, you couldn’t have made those first downs. So I’m very pleased with the quarterbacks.”


(on the lightning delays)

“That is very disrupting, that is very disrupting. You don’t know how their… you wonder if they’re focused and surely they can’t be. You know you come back and sit down and go back out then you go back and sit down again. That is very disruptive. That’s the first time I’ve ever been in this position in 55 years. I’ve never had to face that.”


QB Christian Ponder on his nerves:

“I was definitely [jittery] and it just made it worse that we had to come out and come back in about three times.  So it took forever.  But it definitely showed.  I myself had jitters and the freshman, you know it’s the first game and of course that’s going to happen.  We started off slow but we were able to overcome it, get back to where we were and score on about every drive.”


Ponder on the team tonight:

“I think how we all started tonight was just get the balls to the bubbles, throw it out to the receivers and they were the guys who go it going.  I think this game gave us a lot of confidence and we’ll carry it into the next game and onto the rest of the season.” 


WR Bert Reed on the first-time players making a statement:

“I really feel like that’s what we did coming out in the first quarter, it’s was like we’ve got to get it together and show these guys we’re better than this.  We got to show these guys we’re better than this.  Because at 24-0 I was thinking we looked nice but I think how we executed, we didn’t try to kill them, we just did what coach said and ran what he ran.  We caught the ball and we performed and we executed well.”


Reed on the feel of playing in a 69-0 game:

“You take them when you can get them.  But I really feel like this team can do a lot of things, a lot of great things.  I feel like this game we executed and it goes to show if execute and do what we can the only person that can stop us is ourselves.  In the first quarter that’s pretty much what we did, we stopped ourselves. But besides that, everyone played a Hell of a game.”


DB Tony Carter:

(on punt return for touchdown)

“It was key for us.  I was just trying to go out and do my job and the guys up front did a good job of blocking.  I was able to see a crease and take it to the house and it kind of set the tempo for the game tonight and also for the season.  We’ve been trying to get a tempo for the season and we came out and got a shutout as a defense.


(on setting a tempo with the lightning delays):

“It was difficult because you warm up and then you stop.  You play a few minutes and then you stop.  It was difficult but our coaches told us to keep focused and keep fighting and everything will take care of itself.”


LB Nigel Bradham:

(on first collegiate hit):

“I was on the kickoff team and ran down there.  I was so pumped.  The fans kept chanting my name and it got me so pumped.  The next thing I know I ran full speed down there, I was like the first one down there, I ran threw two people and ended up making the tackle.  It was a great feeling.  That’s my dream is to be out there in that stadium.  Every time I just think about that I say I’m going to go hard every play I can, every time I’m on that field, and do whatever I can to help my team, motivate my team from the sideline when the offense is on the field and just get the guys pumped up.


(on the frustration of waiting to get on the field):

“It was real frustrating because last night I kept turning and tossing in the bed when we were in Thomasville.  I couldn’t sleep.  I was so anxious to come out here and play because I knew it was my dream to just run out here in this stadium being in front of all the Florida State fans doing the Warchant and Tomahawk Chop so it’s great.  I saw it from the stands last year but it’s totally different when you’re on the field.


Dennis Wagner

Head Coach, Western Carolina


“I’m totally embarrassed by the performance of our football team.  It is one thing to get beat; it’s another to not operate and function properly.  We had too many substitution problems with wasted first downs.  We had penalties.  We were wasting timeouts to get players on the field and that’s unacceptable.  This football tam did not perform to their ability.  Florida State’s a heck of a football team, I’m not taking anything away from them but it shouldn’t have been the score that it was.”


What can you learn from a game like this – is there anything good to come out of it?

“Not right now.  I don’t see a whole lot positive from it other than we have a lot of work to do.  And we are going to work hard on Monday because in our conference games don’t get any easier.  We’ve got Liberty and Presbyterian coming up; Liberty will be a top 20 team in Division IAA.  We are going to have a lot of work to do.  I thought we did some things in spurts in the first half but that was it.  After that I thought we ran out of gas.  We tackled poorly on defense; we didn’t get substitutions in right; special teams hurt us; offensively we couldn’t put anything together and our kicking game was horrendous.” 


Were there any key injuries from the game?

“No injuries at this point that are going to affect us next week that I know of.  Victor Aquillna twisted his knee; the same knee he hurt in camp but it doesn’t sound like it’s going to keep him out of the next game.”


What were your impressions of Florida State?

“I think they have some talented football players obviously at the skilled positions.  I know they were able to get the ball to some and you could see the speed that they had.  I thought their second quarterback came in, not that their first quarterback didn’t do a good job, but their second quarterback certainly can run their offense as well.  Defensively up front, they did a tremendous job.  They run to the ball well.  Florida State every year puts a great defense on the field and this team in no exception.” 


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