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Posting Up With Senior Center Trevor Harvey

Oct. 30, 2002

Trevor Harvey is at the top of the list of blossoming big men in the Atlantic Coast Conference. He ranked tied for 10th in the ACC in blocked shots per game (0.9 bpg) and was second on the Seminoles behind Mike Mathews in the blocked shots category last season. Harvey shot an outstanding .548 from the field and averaged 4.2 points, 3.1 rebounds, 0.9 blocks and 12.6 minutes played while playing in 28 games. Harvey sat down with Seminoles.com and talked about the first two weeks of practice, the art of the blocked shot and what success means to him.

As One Of The Seminoles’ Returning Veterans, How Important Is Your Leadership To The Overall Success Of The 2002-03 Team?
“Having a year under my belt is going to be a very important part and it is essential for me to display a leadership role on the court. Every time I have an opportunity to help the younger players on the team learn something new or teach them something they do not know, I have to take on the role of a team leader. I feel that my role is going to be one where I have to step up and help this team in any way possible. We have to have leaders on this team for us to be successful this season and I want to be one of those leaders.”

What Have You Done To Prepare Yourself For The Upcoming Season In Terms Of Physical Conditioning?
“I worked very hard this summer in the weight room. We have the opportunity to work with our new strength and conditioning coach Mike Bradley and he has been a tremendous help to all of the players on our team. He worked us extremely hard during the summer and I feel personally that I am a stronger and more well conditioned player than I ever have been before as the season approaches. I feel like I am in pretty good condition and I am continually working to be in even better physical shape. I feel that my improved strength and better conditioning will greatly improve my game on the court this season.”

Through The First Two Weeks of Practice, What Are The Biggest Improvements You Have Made On The Court?
“My biggest improvement during the first two weeks of practice is that I have begun to learn Coach Hamilton’s system on play on the court. Coach Hamilton is a great coach and I am learning what he wants us to do on both offense and defense so I can help the team once we begin playing games in a couple of weeks. Coach Hamilton’s game plans are all starting to click in my mind and I am beginning to really grasp what he wants us to do in order for the team to be successful.”

What Does The Team Have To Improve On The Most Heading Into The Final Two Weeks Of Practice?
“As a team, I feel we have improved in many areas. I feel that we have improved on taking care of the basketball and playing together as a team. I think we are also beginning to get better on defense though that is an area we all have to improve in for our team to get better. Once we start to make strides on defense I feel we will begin to become a good team. We are also starting to pull up our offensive skills to get them to where they need to be, also. We need to be good on both the offensive and defensive ends to start becoming a good basketball team. Under coach Hamilton, we are going to get there.”

What Makes You Such A Good Shot Blocker?
“To be a good shot blocker, you must have quick feet and be able to time your jump to when the shooter releases the ball from his hand. You have to time your jump so you can reach the ball at the peak of the shot. You have to rely on your quickness to be able to get to the ball before it starts coming down toward the rim.”

What Goes Into Blocking A Shot – Take Us Through A Blocked Shot.
“The first thing you have to do is anticipate what the shooter is going to do. You have to make sure he leaves his feet so you can time when he is going to release the basketball. As you see him begin to take his shooting form you have to make sure you are ready to jump into the shot as it goes up into the air. As he puts the shot up, you have to swipe it out of the air.”

If You Could Travel To Any Destination In The World, Where Would It Be And Why?
“If I could travel to any destination in the world I would want to take a little vacation back to my home in the Bahamas. That’s where I was born and raised. Since I have been a student-athlete in the United States, I have learned to appreciate the many wonderful things I have back home. Since I have been away, I have appreciated the people who I am surrounded by at home. That’s where I want to be and the people who I love and care for are the reason I want to be there.”

Complete This Sentence: This Year Will Be A Success If…
“This year will be a success if every player on our basketball team can come together as a family and utilize all of our talents to play as a team every time we are at practice or playing in a game. We all have to do the best we can whenever we step on the floor and have a mentality that we can win every game. If we can accomplish those things, I know we can be a successful team this season.”

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