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Practice Ends Early After Lightning Forces FSU Inside At Period 20

Sept. 2, 2008

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – With just a couple days left to prepare for the 2008 season opener, the Seminoles had to unexpectedly cut short Tuesday’s practice when lightning strikes began at period 20. Practice had just begun to get competitive after scout team work when the training staff hustled FSU into the locker room. The coaches decided to call it a day and the team did not return to the field to wrap-up the last three periods.



·          The Seminoles were scheduled to practice for 22 periods in shells on Tuesday. After special teams work, most of the practice was spent working versus WCU scout teams.

·          During inside drills Jermaine Thomas had the two biggest plays. He had two great runs, one of which featured a deadly spin move. While inside was going on, 1-on-1 was taking place on the far end of the field. The highlight was a deep TD pass from Christian Ponder to Bert Reed.

·          In pass rush, Andrew Datko and Zebrie Sanders each got a couple wins. Rodney Hudson, A.J. Ganguzza, Joe Tonga, Rhonne Sanderson, Ryan McMahon and Brandon Davis all got wins as well. Moses McCray, Benjamin Lampkin and Everette Brown all had multiple sacks. Neefy Moffett, Justin Mincey, Markus White, Everett Dawkins and Kendrick Stewart also got to the QB.

·          In skeleton Recardo Wright had a big hit while Jamie Robinson and Myron Rolle had break-ups. Drew Weatherford had a couple completions to Taiwan Easterling, D’Vontrey Richardson hit Cameron Wade and Ponder hit Avis Commack and then connected with Reed on a deep TD.

·          11-on-11 started with a Weatherford screen to Antone Smith but lightning ended the drill just as it got underway.



WR Rod Owens:

On working to try and win a starting job:

“It’s been hard but it hasn’t been as hard because I have great people around, people who has always encouraged me especially the wide receivers. We’re a very talented group of people so whenever I’m down there is always somebody picking me up saying `Hey! You’ve got to make big times plays because we need you this year.’ That’s what helps me out for the most part.”


On the biggest thing he had to do to get back with the one’s:

“My biggest thing was learning how to sacrifice. Giving up something because I love football and that was the biggest thing I had to learn how to do and just listen to exactly what the coaches say.”


CB Korey Magnum:

On the areas he fixed in order to be named a starter:

“(Mickey Andrews) just told me to keep on working hard, just going hard everyday and keep on competing. That was probably the biggest thing, just keep on competing everyday. I try to be a lot physical. I’m just right now trying to work on losing weight and when I’m smaller I can move around more and keep on getting better.”


On the competition for the position:

“There is competition everywhere so I wasn’t very worried about competition so I was just worrying about playing football. If he (Michael Ray Garvin) got the job, we all gonna play. Everybody plays. On two-deep everybody, even three-deep plays so competition wasn’t a factor. It was just going out there everyday and compete, giving yourself and your team better.”


DE Benjamin Lampkin:

On being named a starter for the Western Carolina game:

“I think it was a great honor by the coaches, they really trust me and they believe in me and the players believe in me so I’m trying to do the best I can this first game. It’s a new position so I’m trying to do everything to help the team out.”


On how it felt to be a starter:

“It just felt, I guess it felt pretty good because they just named me a starter. I’m kind of a little bit in shock. Just not trying to think too much of it because I still have to go out there and practice, we all have to go out there and practice. We just got to do the best we canto help keep us prepared for the first game.”


DB Ochuko Jenije

On the getting healthy:

“I should be cleared by tomorrow…should be able to go contact by tomorrow.  I’ve practiced yesterday and today, they were my first practices since I got hurt, so I should be ready to go.”


On being in the number two spot on the depth chart:

“I’m thankful that I finally got a chance and hopefully I can just run with it, do what I can with it.  Just have fun and play football.”


Jenije on the defensive backs:

“We’re much improved since last year.  I think the thing is we’re closer and the closer you get the better you are on the field.  Because you know where somebody’s going to be and you know how to help somebody out.  You know how to pick them up if they’re struggling.  We’re more accountable for each other and I personally think we’re much better along then we were last year.”


LB Dekoda Watson

On helping prepare some of the underclassmen:

“I’m trying to give everything I’ve got.  I’m trying so hard to give everything I’ve got.  I feel like I can work them and the best will come out of them too.  I hope the walk-ons see it like that and I know Pat Robinson and Preston Parker are over there working hard, working the defense just as hard.”


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