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Q & A With Vince Williams

April 10, 2008

Sports Information’s Tania Fernandez caught up with freshman linebacker Vince Williams and asked him a few questions…


What do you expect it to feel like to take the field on opening day, knowing that your number could be called at any moment?


“I think it’s going to be fantastic.  It’s been a dream of mine to play for Florida State.  Just to be given that opportunity will be very special.”


How do you feel you are progressing so far in practice?  Do you feel like you’ve improved as a player?


“Yes I feel I have definitely improved as a player. College football is very different from high school. In high school you can depend on athletic ability but in college, it takes more mental skills and you have to know your position.”


What players do you look up to for advice?


Derek Nicholson plays my role and he is also my roommate so I get a lot of guidance from him.  He is a senior and I’m a freshman so I have a lot to learn from him.  I am going to try to take what I learn this spring and help the incoming freshmen when they get here in the fall.  I will be able to hopefully guide them about some things that I didn’t know coming into the program.”


How difficult has the transition been in the classroom? What has been your favorite class so far?


“The work is not that hard. It’s mostly about pacing the work that is given to you because everyone is expecting you to have an A in all your classes.  ENC 1101 is my favorite class so far because I get to write.  As long as I can write, then I am good.”


What goals do you have for the upcoming season?


“I know that I’m a freshman so I would just like the chance to get some playing time in special teams and get some reps in.  I hope no one gets hurt but I want to be ready to come in for them so I can make an impact on the game.”


Do you think early enrollment is something to strive for as a high school player?


“I think it depends on what type of person you are and what your maturity level is.  There are many people that can be put in a situation like this and be overwhelmed.  My advice to them is you should know yourself and know what you are capable of.  If its right for you, then do it, but if its not, then stay in high school.”


Have you, Nigel (Bradham) and Terrance (Parks) formed a tight bond through the early enrollment process?


“Yes, I was just with them last night actually. We are all cool with each other since we’re going through the same things.  We can also relate better to each other.”

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