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Q And A With Peter Warrick

Oct. 6, 1999

On Tuesday, Peter Warrick sat down with the media to discuss this weekend’s
game against Miami. Here’s what he had to say.

Question: How do you look at Miami this year? Do you think they are more
dangerous because they are 2-2, or do you think they are more vulnerable?

Miami is always a great team. You know they are coming in here with a great
defense but I feel like we go against the best defense everyday going
against our defense in practice. If we go out there with the attitude that
we are the better team we will win.

Question: Do you get caught up in the talking that goes on before games?

No, I go out there with the attitude that I am going to make something
happen every time I get the ball. So even if they say something bad about
me, I am still going to go out there and play as hard as if they didn’t.

Question: Last year Leonard Myers said he looked forward to covering you
each play, before the Miami game. Was it sweet to put up the numbers you
did after he said that stuff about you?

I am not going to say it to the press like the way he did. I will let him
know face to face that I am better than him.

Question: Have you felt game to game being a marked man or have people
played you according to the talent around you?

Ron Dugans stepped up and made an 84-yard touchdown, we needed that from
him our guys don’t need to worry, Pete can take it the distance but Ron can

Question: You guys probably have so much more to lose than them. They
have already lost two games and they are not going to go play for the
National Championship. This would make their season, but you guys still
have everything out on the line, and have so much to lose.

I really don’t think about losing. I just know we have to be the better
team. We are number one and we need to go out there and play like the
number one team in the country. We have been playing like number one for
the past two weeks. This Saturday we need to go out there and keep on
doing what we have been doing and just let them know that Florida State is
number one.

Question: What is the biggest game you have had in your eyes?

The Clemson game in 97.

Question: Is this rivalry back with Miami?

Yes, Miami is a great team and Florida State is a great team, I think we
are going to come together and there is going to be a lot of heat going
back and forth.

Question: Talk about Weinke being a leader

Weinke is a leader. The two’s (second team) were not playing as well as we
thought they were going to play on Saturday. So the coaches put the ones
back in and Weinke said we need to let everybody know who is number one.
It was third down, I caught a pass and got the first down. Then the next
play we came back and scored. Weinke came back to the sideline saying,
“That’s how you play like number one. ”

Question: The coaching staff seems to be doing all they can do to get you
the ball.

Yes, I appreciate that a lot, you know, them getting me the ball. I don’t
care whether I get it two times or three times as long as I get the ball in
my hands I feel like I can do something with it. They went to a lot of pro
camps and they told me they were going to find ways of getting me the ball.

Question: Has it been hard for you playing all these new positions?

I have been here a while so I know the system. I know what to do, so it’s
not that hard.

Question: Has this been as fun of a season as you anticipated when you
chose to come back?

Yes, it feels good to come back. I feel like I made the right decision. I
got a little something on my hands right now but that did not come to the
point where I said I wish I did not come back.

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