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Q&A and DYK With FSU Women’s Basketball

Nov. 7, 2003

Enjoy a little Q&A (Question and Answer) and some DYK (Did You Know) with the Floria State women’s basketball team. See what the Seminoles have to say about their first weeks of practice and their first exhibition game. The Seminoles, 93-84 victors over Premier Players last Sunday, will host Team Concept, made up of Hungarian National Team players, on Monday, November 10th at 7 p.m.

By Pam Cruz, FSU Sports Information

You started off slow in the first half of the first exhibition game but picked it up in the second half what did you do differently?

Tasheika Allen:Mainly, I think that I refocused. I was really nervous for that first game because it was the first game of the season, even though it doesn’t count. I think I just calmed down and started to play my game.

DYK:Allen attempted just two shots in the first half of the Premier Players exhibition game and had one point at halftime. It must have been just a warm up because she led all FSU players with 16 second-half points on 7-of-11 shooting.

How did it feel being able to play a lot of minutes in the first exhibition game and not coming out because of injuries like in the past?

Lauren Bradley: It was exciting and it took a little while to get use to. I thought Coach Sue would have taken me out and I found myself looking over at the bench and giving her the eye but I felt in shape and I felt good so it was really fun to be out there for 20 minutes.

DYK: Bradley, who averaged 12.3 minutes per game with no starts last season, was in the starting five vs. the Premier Players and played 20 minutes with six points and eight rebounds. In the Premier game last season, Bradley played just five minutes.

Since practice has started, is it difficult for you to stay focused for those three-hour practices? What are some things that you do to help you get through those practices?

Ronalda Pierce: Well it is tough trying to stay focused for those long practices, because I’m not used to them but I’m getting better at staying mentally focus. My teammates help me throughout practice all the time. When they see me looking a little dazed or not really into it because I’m starting to wonder off mentally, they always help me out.

You have always been that player that fires up the team on defense. Your teammates seem to follow your lead when you are giving it your all. Why is defense such a major part of your game?

Angela Sutton: Defense has always been a major part of my game. I’m able to anticipate where the ball is on the court and I’m able to get my hands on a lot of balls allowing me to get a lot of steals. I know what’s going on. I pay attention to other players and not just my own players on what they are doing and just mainly playing in relation to the basketball. When I got here at Florida State, the coaches really took that and ran with it for my natural ability. They taught me how to use that in the program they have here. I wasn’t a main person on the offensive end so I thought why not just get something going on the defensive end.

DYK: Sutton had been slowed with a right hip sprain the week prior to the exhibition game vs. Premier Players. Her tenacity, however, isn’t limited to the court. The senior went from crutches on Thursday to playing 10 minutes on Sunday. By the way, she led the team with three steals.

Having a year of experience now, do you find practice to be somewhat easier from last year and if so why?

Ganiyat Adeduntan: I think it’s been a lot easier just because last year I didn’t know what to expect coming in. This year I know all about the tempo in the collage game, what the coaches expect, and I’m not just scared to come to practice because I know what’s going to happen and how hard I need to go.

DYK: Adeduntan is looking to shoot the three more this season and attempted four (making one) of FSU’s 10 three-pointers in the Premier Players game. She scored nine points in 13 minutes of play and contributed four rebounds.

What areas do you feel you have improved on since your freshman year?

Linnea Liljestrand: I have improved on my defense and my positioning. I have also improved on my inside passes and reading the game a lot better.

How has it been adjusting to playing different positions and not just being a primary point guard?

LaQuinta Neely: I think playing a different position is a different mentality for me. When I’m playing the “2” position I’m more in an attack mode and I enjoy it.

DYK: Neely was among the starting five vs. the Premier Players and was third on the team, playing 26 minutes. Although not playing point, she led the team with three assists and added nine points and four rebounds to the effort.

Having a year of experience now, do you find practice to be somewhat easier from last year and if so why?

Holly Johnson: Practice seems easier for me this year because I actually know what is going on. I know the offense. I know the players and I know what the coaches want from me in practice. I think in that aspect, it’s a lot easier for me this year than last year.

DYK: Although it was just an exhibition game, Johnson recorded a career high nine rebounds to lead the Seminoles vs. Premier Players. She started the game at point guard.

What are some areas of your game that you can say that has improved from last year?

Hannah Linquist: I think I have improved in my rebounding and most definitely my conditioning. I feel like I’m a lot better in shape than I was last year. I really dedicated myself to come back in the best shape that I could and I think that is going to pay off once the season starts and definitely help me in the games.

In the first exhibition game, you were a dominant force down low. What are some things you’re going to have to do to continue being that low post player?

Trinetta Moore: I think for me to become that dominate force down low consistently I will have to be solid down low and trust my teammates that they will get me the ball when I’m open. I will also have to have confidence in my game and myself.

DYK: Moore tied her career high with 21 points vs. Premier Players in FSU’s first exhibition game. The senior was a perfect 7-for-7 in the first half and finished the game 10-for-12 for 83 percent shooting. She led FSU last year in field goal percentage at 54 percent.

With you having to sit out this year because of transferring, how will you help the team from the sideline?

Roneeka Hodges: Although I’m not physically playing in a game, I think I can be very supportive of them and encourage them to do well when they are sitting on the bench or when they come out of the game.

How has it been adjusting to practice and being a point guard that has to help lead the team as a freshman?

Shante Williams: The adjustment is fairly easy because I have teammates that are there to support me whenever I’m down or whenever I feel like I’ve messed up. My teammates are there to help and support me when I’m called on to lead the team.

DYK: In playing the most minutes of the freshman in the exhibition vs. Premier Players, Williams scored 13 points in 14 minutes of play in her debut as a Seminole. The aggressive guard got to the free throw line a team-high nine times.

If you could rate your performance in practice and that first exhibition game what would you give yourself and why?

Genesis Choice: If I could rate my performance in practice and in the first exhibition game, I would give myself an eight out of 10. I think I have room for improvement but I also think that I have gotten better so I would give myself an eight.

DYK: Choice went 5-for-6 from the free throw line and scored nine points total in 19 minutes off of the bench vs. Premier Players. Like last year, Choice played the most minutes off the bench for FSU.

As a freshman, what are some things that you find yourself struggling with or having a hard time learning in practice?

Alicia Gladden: The first thing is communication. I’m really quiet so I’m going to have to get a lot better at communicating with my team, especially on defense. The second thing is learning plays. The plays are the same things we did in high school but a different structure and the different movements are harder than what I’m used to, but I’m understanding things better as we continue to go over them.

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