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Q&A: Jarred Haggins

April 4, 2011


On Spring practice so far:


Jarred Haggins: So far things are going pretty good. I’ve kind of worked myself into getting a spot since Willie (Haulstead) and Taiwan (Easterling) aren’t here, so I’ve kind of worked myself into a starting position as of right now so things can be better for me. I’m a hard worker, on and off the field; I’m in my playbook 24/7, staying on top of my routes, key concepts and everything as far as what I have to do. When I am called to play on, I can be able to do my thing.


Q: This can be a big spring for you, especially with those guys being out.  But not only that, you guys can really improve because I think last year people looked at the receivers, “hey you’re not running the right routes, you’re not being where you’re supposed to be.”  Guys like you can really help to change that image this year.


Jarred Haggins: Like I said I’m in my play book constantly 24/7 and it’s gotten to the point where if another one of my teammates or another one of the young guys that came in with me didn’t know their routes I’m able to tell them. So it just comes [down] to hard work and your play book so that you know what to do.


Q: That’s something the freshmen class last year of receivers, you, Kenny Shaw, Greg Dent, and those guys, prided yourselves on. You’re good route runners. 


Jarred Haggins: Sometimes during the day, even when we’re not at practice or during the off season, we just go out and catch a couple of balls, drop our cleats, and run a couple of routes just so we can stay crisp. Running routes is part of catching the ball because if you can’t run your route right then you’re not going to get the ball. Everything is just on one accord; run your route right, you get the ball. It’s all in one.


Q: You are a guy that came in and never had a year under Coach Bowden, Coach Fisher was your head coach from day one. Can you tell that it’s different under Coach Fisher?  The tempo of practices, you’re going 24/7. 


Jarred Haggins: As of today, it seemed that it was one of the fastest practices that we’ve had in a long time. Like you said, I wasn’t here when [Coach Bowden] was, but I can just tell that there’s been a change, from the upperclassmen and people who were here before me [who] said that it was nothing like this and it’s a complete turn-around.


Q: Can you tell it’s a different kind of expectation this spring than it was in the fall? Because I’m sure you guys read that you’re getting a lot of national attention. I know the coaching staff is great about saying, “you can’t really read that, because we haven’t done anything.” 


Jarred Haggins: As of last time when we were here practicing for the bowl game, (Coach Fisher) told us that we were no longer freshmen and that we are sophomores. I’m kind of like, what does he mean? He was talking [about] we’ve grown up now; we’re no longer freshmen, we should know everything and top of our stuff as far as knowing the plays, running the routes right and doing everything right as far as on and off the field. Like you said, it’s high expectations [of us] in everything so you just want to stay on top of your game and work hard playing.


Q: Individually you know the things you need to get better at and that you want to improve. What are some of those things that you said, “I’ve got the spring practice coming up, this is what I need to get better at”?


Jarred Haggins: [I need to work on] everything. Me, I’m a guy. I set high standards for myself; I run good routes but they can be better, I’ve got good hands but they can be better. [I] need to be more consistent in catching the ball, reading coverages fast, breaking the huddle, looking at the defense and knowing what I have to do.  As far as knowing the coverages, that’s what I really need to work on.


Q: Can you tell there’s a different kind of excitement level right now around Florida State?


Jarred Haggins: Lately all that I’ve been hearing is about football. Basketball season just ended, so football season is right around the corner. Even during basketball season that’s all I heard from people, “I can’t wait for next football season.”  It’s going to be real good because we were good last year, so I know we’re going to be better this year.


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