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Q&A With Brooke Wyckoff

Nov. 28, 2006

Nov. 28, 2006

On Friday, November 24th at halftime of the Florida State-Florida women’s basketball game, former Seminole great Brooke Wyckoff became just the third female and second women’s basketball player to have her jersey retired at Florida State. Sports Information’s Katy Wolfe asked Brooke a few questions: What does having your jersey retired mean to you? “It’s a tremendous honor. I totally didn’t expect it. I am so thankful that Florida State would recognize me. It’s just great.” What are some of your fondest memories from playing basketball at Florida State? “I think my senior year was a great time. Everything about the athletics’ atmosphere at Florida State was great.”

Brooke says a few words following her jersey retirement.

How do you feel about the development of women’s program and where it’s come over the years? “It’s just so great to come back and see how this program has grown, from the facilities to their record, which has been amazing. I am so proud of them and of Coach Sue for what she has done with this program. It’s awesome to see such great players come in and carrying the program further every season. It makes me so proud to be a Seminole.” What was the greatest thing you learned from playing under Coach Sue at FSU? “I learned to value hard work and doing things the right way. I also learned to persevere through tough times because there was a lot of that while I was here. That’s definitely what I took with me.”

Brooke with her parents Mike and Blair Wyckoff.

What has been the best part about playing in the WNBA? “Being able to do what you love for a job and being able to continue to play basketball into your adult life is something I’m very thankful for. Also, all of the people that I’ve met and the places I’ve been able to go. I’ve been very fortunate. Florida State was a great jumping off point for me professionally. It’s just been an amazing experience.” “When I came into the WNBA, no one really knew how the league would all pan out, it was kind of a question. Since then, it has grown and become a lot more popular and some new teams have been added. It’s just an amazing opportunity for these wonderful players who are playing college ball to know that there is something for them afterwards.”
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