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Q&A With Junior Alicia Gladden

March 10, 2006

Led by junior Alicia Gladden, the Florida State women’s basketball team is awaiting its invitation to the 2006 NCAA Tournament. Selection Monday is March 13th, so despite it being Spring Break at FSU, the Seminoles are still hard at work preparing for the postseason. Sports Information sat down with Gladden this week following Thursday’s team practice:


Q: Is there any speculation about where the team may be picked to play in the NCAA Tournament?


A: There’s been some speculation  that we may play in Denver or somewhere out west. We’ve also heard Indiana. I know Holly (Johnson) would like to go to the west coast because she’s from that area but with the altitude, we’d like to play somewhere where that’s not a factor. The two things that I don’t want to deal with are the altitude factor and playing on someone’s home court.


Q: How has practice been this week?


A: Practice has been good. Our first day back, we went like almost three hours but we’ve been shortening it up with each day. Because we are on spring break, we have more time to prepare since we don’t have classes to worry about, so we’re focusing more on the game. It is a good time for us.


Q: Who has been the biggest surprise on the team this season?


A: Probably Britany (Miller). The last few games, she’s really stepped up especially in the ACC, she really gave us that post presence that we didn’t have last year. And just her continued hard work, going into the NCAA, is really going to help us.


Q: What does it mean to you to be named to the ACC All-Defensive team for two straight seasons?


A: It’s an honor. Having that title and getting my name in the record books is something I am trying to do because it all starts with defense. Coach White has really instilled in me that defense and rebounding wins games so if I do good playing defense, then my offense will come.


Q: How have you improved as a teammate and has your role on the team changed?


A: My role has changed a little bit as I am more of a go-to player this year than I was last year but mostly I am just trying to be a leader for next year and learn from the seniors so I know what to do next year.


Q: What has been your favorite game this season?


A: My favorite game…that’s hard. Probably the North Carolina game was my favorite because of the excitement. Even though we lost, it was a good game. We had a real good start and we made a couple mistakes at the end but if we can play like we did against Carolina, we can play with anyone in the country.


Q: Your parents come to every game. What does that mean to you?


A: I’m used to it because they always came to all of my high school and AAU games. Just having the opportunity for them to come and watch me now is a really good thing to have.


Q: How much does having a scholarship mean to you?


A: It means a lot because they are paying for everything. All you have to do is come in and work hard and your school, your books and your housing gets paid for. Just having that opportunity is a real honor.


Q: Not counting Italy, what has been your favorite place the team has visited on the road?


A: New York was my favorite. We had the opportunity to see The Color Purple and I had seen the movie, but the play was even better. And being able to see Times Square and the Statue of Liberty was really nice.


Q: Who on the team is the…


  • Best dancer?:  A: Probably Quint (Neely). She likes to dance a lot.

  • Best singer?:    A: GMO (Ganiyat Adeduntan) thinks she’s the best singer but we have a lot of random people who like to sing on trips so I can’t really pick one.

  • Most funny?:   A: Probably Britany (Miller). She’s just so goofy and is always joking around. She’s just funny.

  • The smartest?: A: We have some smart people on our team. I’m not going to name anybody.

  • The meanest on the court?: A: It depends on the situation because sometimes it’s Holly (Johnson) because she knows what to do to get us going. Maybe a couple of words, or so, she’ll yell but we know it is out of heart and things like that. When she yells, you know she means it. We don’t seem to have a really mean player on the team. As far as against opponents, I would say Nikki (Anthony) is the most aggressive, but she’s not mean.

Q: What do you like best about Coach Sue?


A: Her love for the game and how she makes practice fun and not so routine and serious. She has a lot of energy.


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