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Q&A With Men’s Tennis Players Mat Cloer and Sam Chang

Jan. 12, 2005

SID: When were you last playing in Hawaii on tour?
Mat Cloer: “It was the middle of November.”

SID: Is there anything you didn’t see that you’d like to see this time around?
MC: “I didn’t get to see a lot of things because I was playing all the time. I drove past Pearl Harbor but I didn’t get to go down and see it. My grandfather was stationed out there so my grandmother wanted me to bring back some pictures for her. I’m really excited about getting to go see that, and just enjoying Hawaii to its fullest.”

SID: Are there any early season goals?
MC: “We definitely want to come back with two wins, that’s on the top of our list. One of our goals against Hawaii is to beat them without losing a match, and Hawaii is a very good team, so I think that would be a great accomplishment to beat them 7-0.”

SID: Do you have any individual goals?
MC: “Yes, I want to start out on a good foot. It has been a while since I’ve played a college match. I want to hopefully get two wins under my belt and get the confidence level going.”

SID: Are you excited to get the team aspect back after playing individually on the FUTURES Tour?
MC: “It’s going to be nice to get back and have buddies cheering me on. You don’t have any buddies out on the tour, so it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

SID: You have Illinois coming up on the schedule. Are you excited about that?
MC: “Yes, Illinois is going to be a lot of fun. We had a close one here last year and we get to go up to their new facility. It’s going to be indoors so it will be a little quick, but we’ll adjust fine.”

SID: What are the team goals going into the season?
MC: “First and always is to try to win NCAA’s. Number two would be to win an ACC title which is pretty close up there with winning NCAA’s. We want to host our NCAA matches. The top 16 teams get to host at their home site, so it’s definitely one of our goals so we can bring all of our fans out, get rowdy, and have a good time.”

SID: Is this your first trip to Hawaii?
Sam Chang: “Yes.”

SID: Do you have anything planned that doesn’t relate to tennis?
SC: “We’re actually going to go to Pearl Harbor, and we might ride some jet skis around the beach.”

SID: What have you done to get ready for Oregon and Hawaii?
SC: “Nothing specific, but we’ve been training really hard since we got back. We’re trying to get everyone ready for the season.”

SID: What are the team goals for the early part of the season?
SC: “I’d probably say that we want to have a 2-0 record after the Hawaii trip.”

SID: You have Illinois coming up on the schedule. Is there any excitement in playing a team ranked that high?
SC: “Yes, of course. Playing one of the top teams in the country is one of the best things that can happen.”

SID: Do you think an ACC title is within grasp this year? SC: “If everyone pulls everything together, and we cheer for each other, I think we have a chance.”

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