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Q&A With Sophomore Tanae Davis-Cain

Nov. 15, 2006

By Jamal Reynolds, FSU Sports Information

What are your main strengths?

“I would say that my strengths are probably shooting and passing.”

What are your weaknesses?

“I think to become a better player that I should work on ball handling. Every guard needs to work on that. I guess also just knowing what to do in certain situations that could occur in a game. Being able to get through tough situations and knowing what to do and avoiding making mistakes. Just making better decisions.”

What did you do to improve this offseason?

“In the offseason, we did a lot running as a team and I weightlifted a lot. I gained some weight and that was good. I also did a lot of shooting and worked on my ball handling as well because I felt like I really needed to.”

What is your biggest contribution to the team?

“My biggest contribution would probably be anything that I could do to encourage my teammates. I am not much of a vocal leader, so I try to do what I can to lead by example. You bring other people with you.”

What was your motivation to become a basketball player?

“I’ve been playing basketball since I was young, I mean elementary school. It was like all we could really do. My cousin Maria, she was like a big-time player and played at Penn State. I looked up to her a lot. I also looked up to my dad, who was a league player. Just seeing them play made me want to play.”

Who is your biggest inspiration in life?

“I would say my mom, because she’s been through so much. She is definitely my biggest inspiration.”

What do you like most about Coach Sue?

“She is down to earth. You know how most coaches just worry about you on the floor and when you get off the court they don’t care. She’s different. She cares about you on and off the court, so I really like that about her.”

If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you have to have?

“My cell phone definitely. My cell phone plays music, so I wouldn’t need any reception. One of my friends would be good to have. Lastly, food, because I love to eat.”

What is something that you would want people to know about you?

“People outside of my team don’t know that I am a big animal lover. I do the whole Animal Planet thing and National Geographic channel and all that.”

What is your favorite TV show, and why?

“I don’t have a favorite show, but I do have a favorite network, which is Animal Planet. I watch everything that comes on there. Any shows that come on Animal Planet, I watch them every day, all of the time, 24-7.”

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