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Q&A With the Seminoles at the NCAA Tournament

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March 21, 2005

Storrs, Conn. –

Roneeka Hodges
Q: You had a bit of slow start in the first half with only six points, but you’re teammates really picked it up. How important is to have the balance where anyone on the floor can score?
A: That’s going to be key, especially tomorrow against UConn. We’re going to need everyone to step up and put some points on the board in order to be successful.
Q: You had a great second half, what adjustments did you make?
A: I didn’t make that many adjustments, I really just took my time. I didn’t take that many shots in the first half, but the ones I did take I felt like I rushed them a bit, but fortunately the rest of the girls were able to shoot the ball well and we were able to win.

Holly Johnson
Q: You really got things started out there last night. Was there one thing that motivated you coming into this game?
A: I came in with a lot of confidence and I think I brought that to the rest of the team. I think what mainly got it started was on the defensive end and we all really got after it and the offense came easy after that.

Linnea Liljestrand
Q: With two three-pointers last night, you set the FSU single season record for three-pointers. How does that make you feel and what does that mean for this team?
A: In the game I didn’t think about it too much, but obviously it matters to me. It’s always going to be good to be in the record books, but you’re looking for wins not to add to your personal records. It certainly feels good, but with the next game I’m just going to focus on trying to do what ever the team needs me to do.

Alicia Gladden
Q: You had a very balanced game with 18 points, a team-high eight rebounds and four steals and four assists and had just one turnover in a team-high 37 minutes of play. Why were things working so well for you?
A: I was getting in a rhythm and was mainly focused on our team and our aggressiveness. They way that everyone came out got me started and helped me keep my intensity.
Q: How important was the defense during the 21-0 run in the first half?
A: It was very important because our defense leads to our offense. When our defense picks up we start scoring on offense and making our runs.

Ganiyat Adeduntan
Q: You not only led the team with 19 points, but you shot extremely well from the field at 73 percent, were you in a zone?
A: I was letting the game come to me and wasn’t rushing anything. Also I was crashing the boards and getting close and easy looks so that helped.

LaQuinta Neely
Q: You tied your career high with eight assists last night. Were you just seeing the floor well?
A: The main thing was that my teammates were making shots and they were making good cuts so it was easy to see them from up top. They did a good job of getting open.

Christie Lautsch
Q: You played 14 minutes in your first NCAA Tournament game and nearly led the team with seven rebounds, how did you feel on the court?
A: I felt really good about the way I played last night, but I think that it was all because of our team, our teamwork and how we all came out and had the mentality of playing together and being on the same page and it helped. I went out there and played my role and that’s how I was able to play well.

Hannah Linquist
Q: What is one word you would you to describe the attitude of the team since preparing for the NCAA Tournament?
A: Champions. We’re not letting anything come in our way. We’re taking everything one step at a time and there are so many things that we’ve fought through that we’re not giving up right now.

Nikki Anthony
Q: Do you think the team will be nervous playing in front of so many fans when you face Uconn?
A: I think we will be nervous at first, but then we’ll settle down. Just being in the NCAA gets you excited and it’s more excitement than it is nervousness.

Tiffiny Buckelew
Q: What was going through your mind when you played in your first NCAA Tournament game last night?
A: It was great, especially when you’re a freshman and get to play in the NCAA Tournament. It was great, it felt really good.

Head Coach Sue Semrau
Q: What will be the keys of the game when the Seminoles face Uconn Tuesday?
A: Our keys for us have always been on the defensive end of the floor. With a team that has the kind offensive firepower that UConn has, our defense is going to be at its most critical time. We’ll have to rebound the ball well; they’re a lot bigger and longer than we are so we are going to have to a good job of keeping them off the boards.
Q: How important was it last night to get everyone in the game?
A: I thought it was huge. Number one we were able to rest people, but I felt like we got into a flow very quickly and I was surprised at that, but I think that is very good now turning around and playing a game in two days because we have a rhythm on the offensive end of the floor.
Q: Are you worried about the players being in aw of everything tomorrow night against UConn?
A: Not at all. This team continues to amaze me. They take everything in stride and nothing seems too big or two small for them so I think they are in a great state of mind for that.

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