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Question And Answer With Caroline Larsson Of The Women’s Golf Team

March 17, 2005

Junior golfer Caroline Larsson took time out of her busy schedule to visit with and answered questions ranging from her favorite club, to her favorite golf move to her thoughts on Tiger Woods and Michelle Wie. Check our her answers and follow the women’s golf team as they play at the Liz Murphey Intercollegiate March 25-27 at the University of Georgia.

Q: What is your favorite club to use?

A: That varies depending on how I’m playing at the time, but the club that I love most of the time is my seven wood. I can hit many different shots with it from all kinds of lies. This is the club that I play around with the most, which is probably why it’s my favorite.

Q: What part of your golf game do you work on the most?

A: Right now it has been my swing, because I have recently made some changes. Other than that, I usually work the most on my short game and my putting.

Q: If you could go on a date with any pro golfer, who would it be and why?

A: I have to say Tiger (even though he is married…) because I have always looked up to him and I think I could learn a lot from him.

Q: Do you like the oversized driver heads or the regular ones?


Q: What’s your all time favorite golf movie?

A: That’s an easy one! Definitely a Swedish golf movie about a dorky guy who gets a couple of weeks to learn how to play golf in order to win a match against another guy. (The title is in Swedish, but means something like “The Involuntary Golfer”.) It’s hilarious!)

Q: Are you the type of golfer to go for the green, or lay up and play it safe?

A: I would consider myself a pretty smart golfer. I go for the green either if there is not a lot of trouble around it or if I have a good feeling that I will get the ball on the green.

Q: How many majors will Tiger Woods win this year?

A: I would say two. He is good when it matters!

Q: Do you think Michelle Wie will be able to compete for wins on the Men’s tour?

A: No. Even though it would be great to see a woman win on the Men’s tour I don’t think that is ever going to happen. Women simply don’t hit the ball far enough and we do not have the strength to get the ball out of the thick grass in the same way as the men can.

Q: What’s your favorite snack food?

A: Ice-cream!!

Q: In the comic strip “Peanuts” how does Snoopy sleep?

A: On his house…?

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