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Question Answer With Jacksonville’s Own Tony Carter

Oct. 1, 2008

Going back to his hometown, senior cornerback Tony Carter returns to Jacksonville
as one of the true leaders of the Florida State football team.
Since being redshirted in 2004, Tony has started 39 of 41 games and sat
his only two games due to injury in 2006. Aside from his consistency,
Tony’s leadership stands out both on and off the field. As one of the team’s
captains, he talked to “Game Time” about returning to play the fourth game
of his collegiate career in his hometown.

Q: How do you feel about going back to your hometown to play in
Jacksonville Municipal Stadium?

A: I’m very excited and I’m glad to be going back. I haven’t been home in
awhile and it’s always cool going to play in the stadium I drove by all the
time when I was growing up. I remember I kind of saw it in the making when
I was a kid, so I really like playing there.

Q: If you had a choice, would you like to play there in the future?
A: I won’t be complaining if it comes to that. I’ll just be happy to be at the
next level.

Q: With younger players on the team this year from the Jacksonville
area, how have you stepped up as a leader to help them?

A: I really just want to try to lead them in the right direction. Help them out
as much as I can. I’ve seen a lot at Florida State and been through some ups
and downs here. I try to use my experiences to lead these guys by example
so we can get the program back to the top.

Q: How is it returning home to Jacksonville, as one of leaders of this team?
A: It feels good. Not pressure or anything, but just remembering what the
older guys did with me when I was younger. The rules have changed a little
bit with us, but I really like it. I’m looking forward to it.

Q: Do you have a lot of family and friends that plan on making it to
the game?

A: I definitely do. It’s always cool playing in front of them. Everybody has
been calling me and asking me about tickets so we’ll see about that, but I’m
just going to go out and do my part.

Q: How did it feel to return the first punt of the season for a touchdown
in the opening game against Western Carolina?

A: It was fun. I mean it was exciting because it’s something I have been
dreaming about since I was little. When I was younger I always wanted to
be a punt-returner for Florida State and my opportunity came and I took
advantage of it. Hopefully, I’ll get a couple more this season.

Q: What made you chose to come to Florida State? You come from a
city that seems to be split between Seminole and Gator fans but your
dad played basketball here; did that have a big part in the choice to
come to FSU?

A: My dad didn’t really influence my decision to come to Florida State. I’ve
been a Seminole fan since I was young, always following the great teams
we’ve had at this school. I had thought about other places and went to summer
camp at Florida, but I knew I wanted to play defensive back at FSU.

Q: You’re currently working on your second degree in political science.
What made you decide to step into politics?

A: To be honest, I don’t know if I’ll take it anywhere but since I had graduated
early I figured it’d be a useful major to go into. Being surrounded by
politics and everything with the election, I obviously knew I could learn a lot
more seeing things in a political way rather than the way I typically see it.

Q: What would like to pursue outside of football?
A: Well I don’t sing and I don’t rap. I haven’t thought about opening my own
business or anything like that but I would really like to start a mentor program
for less fortunate kids. Try to give back and help communities that aren’t as
fortunate as others. I’d almost like to play a father-figure and hopefully get
other positive people around me to play that same role with the kids.

By Chris Stone
Sports Information Student Assistant

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