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“Quick Kicks” With P/K Zach Hobby

April 9, 2008

What do you expect it to feel like to take the field on opening day, knowing that your number could be called at any moment?


“Just excited. Excited to be here, all the work, because I did mat drills, all the work leading up to it will just be like that light at the end of the tunnel. It’s what the whole offseason is for.”


How do you feel you are progressing so far in practice?


“The biggest thing we are working on now is to cut our times down. I’m in the 1.3 range and we want to be in the 1.2s. That’s the biggest thing we are working on now. From snap to kick, we want it to be 1.2 seconds.”


Do you think you have improved as a player?


“Definitely.  I think being around everyone and having a good competition with Graham (Gano) only benefits both of us.”


What players do you look up to for advice?


“I look up to Graham. I went to a kicking coach, Gene Mariotti, he was a punter in the NFL for a while. I’m constantly on his website and looking to him to get advice, him and Carol White. My dad (Phil Hobby) is a kicking coach so if I ever have anything I need to ask, I call him or look at one of those guys.”


Are you trying to take a leadership role?


“It’s difficult being a leader as a kicker because you are not out there with everyone.  I mean we all work out together in the weight room and stuff. But I definitely think I’m taking a more of a proactive role with the special teams, keeping all of us going in the right direction. Graham does a good job, too, because he is a senior. It’s basically just everyone out there just really pushing themselves and everyone’s pretty much a leader out there.”


What’s the difference from entering a school as a freshman compared to entering a school as a transfer student?


“I’ve been here before, lived at the collegiate level for two years. I know what the whole practice is about. I know when to kick out all of your leg and when to just work your form more. I know when it’s appropriate to work my form versus just going out and kicking 100 balls.”


Why did you make the decision to transfer to Florida State?


“I just wanted a new opportunity. I’m from Clearwater, Florida. I’ve always looked up to this school and what they have going here. I think it’s a program that is heading in the right direction and I just want to be a part of it.”


What is your favorite class so far at Florida State?


“I think my favorite right now is Human Rights with Professor Ruggiero. It’s just an interesting class, a discussion class. We have papers but it is really a discussion class on human rights which is an interesting issue because it’s not something that is talked about. It’s a mix of political science and humanities. It’s a fun class.”


How is Florida State different then Delaware?


“Obviously the weather, the weather is so much nicer. My dad is from Maryland and we get out of school a month before Delaware is out so I’m going to go up there. I talked to a couple of my friends up there and there is still snow on the ground. I think the biggest difference between here and Delaware is just the individual commitment that each player has. Every second is prone to football whether we’re in the weight room everyone is giving 100 percent, on the practice field everyone is here to compete and everyone wants to get better. I think the overall competitiveness.  It is just fun to see everyone give it their all every play.”


What goals do you have for the upcoming season?


“I want to have a winning season, that’s first. I just want to be able to compete with Graham. Hopefully going into this summer, Graham and I will be competing. I just want both of us to obviously get better but whoever goes out there, I mean, if he’s out there kicking, then he’s going to have my support and if I’m out there kicking, I know I’m going have his support. I think just winning and competing.”


What are your goals for the rest of your career?


“I just want to get a good education. I had to change my major when I came here. I’m an economics major and I’m looking forward to that now. I want to get that degree. I just want to be out here competing; it’s just fun. Obviously I want to be out there kicking on Saturday’s but if it’s not meant to be this year, then I’m going to be here competing for the job every week. I was an accounting major and I didn’t have the transfer hours, the major hours required to both play and keep my major, so I would like to go to grad school. I’d like to still keep accounting as something out there. I don’t necessarily know if that’s what I want to do.  I love football and I’d love to play football later, but I want to get a good education while I’m here.”


How do you deal with the pressures of being a kicker?


“I don’t really think there is pressure being a kicker. I think everyone out there is working. Everyone sees that we are in the gym working with them, so if we miss, they know that we have done all the necessary steps to be successful. And if we miss, we miss, but if we make it, we make it, nine out of 10 times we make it.”


Do you have any rituals before kicking?


“No, not really. I try not to get into that because as soon as you get into one, you find yourself with 10 more so I try not to get into all of that.”


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