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Quotable: Jameis Winston – Florida State University

Quotable: Jameis Winston – Florida State University


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Quotable: Jameis Winston

If you missed it, I posted a story Wednesday afternoon about how Jameis Winston is handling his growing hypeWinston, as you know, is a writer's dream because he produces one usable quote after another. 

So while I did not get to use all of the gems from his interview with the media, I wanted to share them here. So here's Winston on...

...how his life has changed since his historic debut on Labor Day:

Winston: "It's just been another week; another week of preparation and focusing on Nevada and not really focusing on outside things that may bring clutter to the team."

...how the recruiting process he went through as the nation's top quarterback helps him:

Winston: "It helped me to grow. In the recruiting process -- you can ask any recruit -- it's just so nagging and it's on you all the time. Constantly, constantly everyone is asking you questions. But you have no choice. You can either make that go up and fill your head and you think that you're a big shot but you're really not. Because when you come to college the next year you're going to be a freshman and everyone [will treat you] like you're a freshman."

...being the quarterback at Florida State:

Winston: "When you are the quarterback of a big university you are going to get those looks and everybody's eyes are going to be on you. You stay grounded and that's when you gain respect from everybody."

...how many phone calls he got after the win at Pittsburgh:

Winston: "I was so happy that we won that game, I was too busy talking to everybody on the bus. I was like, All y'all remember that play? All y'all remember this?' I didn't even worry about my phone because I think my phone froze up. There was that many messages that my phone froze up."

...Nevada's defense:

Winston: "Nevada is huge. They are some big guys. Actually one player that stood out to me, he had a mullet playing d-end. That was very exciting. It was like, 'Wow.' But they have a very tough defense. 

"It's going to be an exciting game. You never can look past anybody."

...his wide receivers and the play of Rashad Greene:

Winston: "One thing about all my wide receivers, they are very hard on me. They will tell me what I did wrong in a heartbeat and I try not to tell them what they did wrong just to keep the tension from going around. Rashad, he's a great leader; he's a playmaker. Just having those guys around here and having the o-line protect me to get him the ball, it makes it so much easier on the team."

...playing at Doak Campbell Stadium Saturday at 3:30 p.m.:

Winston: "It's really going to be less on me than it was at Pitt because our team is really going to be excited and we are just going to be ready to go out there and play in front of our home fans."

...his quarterback idols as a kid, like Tom Brady:

Winston: "On the field they are locked in and they are focused. They just have so many intangibles that young kid want to adapt to and grow to to be just like them."

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