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Quotes From Friday’s Practice In Jacksonville

Aug. 25, 2000

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    Head Coach Bobby Bowden on Saturday’s game and BYU:
    “I expect you’ll see two teams out there struggling – one of them making something big jump out early. Then you’ll see one of the teams settle down and get going. I hope we’re that team… We’ve always thought they are a dangerous football team. I tell you, if you they get those receivers out and running you better watch out.”

    Bowden on the kicking game:
    “It’s not our biggest concern but probably our biggest deficit. Our biggest loss is (former kicker Sebastian) Janikowski.”

    Bowden on keeping the players motivated:
    “They’ve been motivated. We’ve really watched them close. If we can stay healthy and play as well as we can, we’ll have a chance everytime.”

    Quarterback Chris Weinke on getting the season underway:
    “We’ve had three weeks to prepare. It’s like getting ready for a final exam. We’ve taken all the quizzes. Now were ready to go out there and see what we can do.”

    Weinke on pressure to live up to expectations:
    “I think there was more pressure last year. We had the team that people said if Florida State’s going to win it all again, that’ll be the team to do it. We reached that goal. The pressure’s on other teams now. We don’t feel the pressure. We’re a little more at ease this season.”

    Tailback Travis Minor on Saturday’s game:
    “We need to go out there and execute. This will be the first step towards our goal. We need to go out there and try not to have mental mistakes.”

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