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Read The Transcripts Of Friday’s Live Chat With Leon Washington
 Leon Washington answers your questions this Friday at 1:45 pm

Chat Live With Leon Washington

Here’s your chance to find out many of the things you always wanted to know about the Florida State Football team. Leon Washington will take your questions this Friday about spring football practice and the upcoming 2005 football season. You can submit your questions early but make sure to be here on Seminoles.com Friday at 1:45 pm for a live chat with Leon.

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Chat 1 April 8th at 1:45pm Leon Washington

Submit Your Questions Below and Go ‘Noles!

Moderator: Leon is right on time and ready to answer your questions!

SportsLover: what do u think the chances are of fsu making a rose bowl visit this year?
Leon Washington: We are very optimistic about the upcoming season. Year in and year out, it is our goal to get to the national championship game. It all rides on that first game – we have to beat Miami first.

Josh (Atlanta): I’ve always wanted to know, who’s go tthe faster 40, you or Lorenzo Booker?
Leon Washington: I’ll be honest with you, Lorenzo has me on that one. The last time we ran 40’s, I ran a 4.49 and Lorenzo ran a 4.46.

Dave (Valdosta, GA): I was at the Toyota Gator Bowl, what a game you had. You know you are a “fan favorite”! As for my question, what influenced you to come back for your senior year?
Leon Washington: I wanted to get my degree and I love the college experience. I have been without money my whole life I can wait another year. The other big reason is I want to win a national championship.

Bryan, Springfield: Leon, what made you go into football? I watched you at the Gator Bowl and wow! You rock!
Leon Washington: Thanks for the compliment. I got into football from watching Marshall Faulk at San Diego State and ever since then I’ve stayed with it.

Nic: What are your personal goals for next season (performance and award)?
Leon Washington: First, winning a national championship. If we are able to accomplish that, all the other stuff will fall into place.

wanke- Lakeland: Have you seen any benifical changes for this year on the offensive side of the team?
Leon Washington: So far in spring practice, we have run the ball better than any year I’ve been here even though we have a bunch of offensive linemen injured. We lost several really good players, but I feel like we can be even more productive next season.

Derek, Tally: Leon, will you make sure you come back and show FSU a little love for recruiting when you graduate? I know you were key in getting Antone. Keep up the good work! You are the man.
Leon Washington: I love FSU and I’ll definitely be back and play a big role in helping the younger guys. I hosted Antone and the main thing I try to do when I host recruits is be honest and show what Florida State football is all about.

Dayna (Tampa): Who do you believe is the best RB in the NFL?
Leon Washington: I would have to go with LaDanian Tomlinson out in San Diego. He is such a complete back – catches the ball well and runs the ball well. In my opinion, he’s the best suits his team.

Tony (Tampa): First of all, thank you for taking our questions. Are there any new guys this year that have the team excited?
Leon Washington: The young guys have been getting most of the work in the spring. All the new offensive linemen are doing well as well as Lamar Lewis and Jamaal Edwards at tailback. The young wide receivers – Greg Carr, Kenny O’Neal and De’Cody Fagg – have been very impressive.

Daymeon (Miami): What’s your breakfast of choice?
Leon Washington: I usually just eat cereal before I go to sleep and then again in the morning before I go to class. This morning it was Frosted Flakes.

Brad (Murfreesboro): Do you see more wholes opening up with the new o-line scheme?
Leon Washington: If you remember watching Terrell Davis running behind the zone blocking scheme at Denver, it is similar to that. It suits the running backs we have at FSU.

Joe Crawfordville: Who has hit you the hardest in practice?
Leon Washington: Obviously, the answer is Ernie Sims. Last year he blew me up on the goalline drills that we do. He separated me from the ball. Everyone we play knows where No. 34 is lined up.

Wesley (Boston): You seem to hit the right angles when you run. Is that something that can be taught or is it all instinctive?
Leon Washington: It’s all instinctive. I’ve been running that way since Pop Warner football.

Marcus(Daytona): What is the first thing you look for when you hit the line?
Leon Washington: I look at the linebackers’ pursuit angles to determine the next cut I’ll make to get to the next level of the defense.

Americus, GA: What is your favorite memory of being a FSU Seminole?
Leon Washington: As you know, Florida is one of our biggest games every year so I would say my true freshman year when we beat them in Tallahassee and I ran for 100 and something yards.

Chris (ATL): Which team would you most like to play for in the NFL?
Leon Washington: I would love to play for the Jaguars in my hometown but it doesn’ matter, I just want the opportunity to play in the NFL.

Scott (Elizabethtown, PA): Has the offense been working on any plays to get you and Lorenzo in the backfield at the same time?
Leon Washington: We have done a few things. I’m not going to get too in depth with it, but we can pose some problems for defense if we are in the backfield at the same time.

Jason (Panama City, FL): Leon, you’ve been my favorite Nole since you came to FSU! What do you think will be Florida State’s toughest game this year?
Leon Washington: Thanks. The most important game is the opener against Miami. That game will determine our entire season. Opening with Miami is one of the big reasons we have worked so hard in the spring and in the offseason.

Tony Carter Sr (Ft Meade , MD): What’s up Leon! Yes this is Tony Carter’s dad. Two questions, what will be the one thing FSU needs to improve upon to be National Champs? Will my son TC get some playing time this year? Tell me what you think. Good luck this year.
Leon Washington: Good to hear from you Mr. Carter. To answer your first question, we have to be more consistent on offense. If we do that, we have a pretty good chance. Tony has done well this spring, but it’s up to him in terms of his future here at Florida State. If he keeps working hard and progressing, he should be on the field soon.

gerald: I am glad you returned for your Sr. yr, but do you think the RB position will left in good hands once you graduate?
Leon Washington: Year in and year out, Florida State brings in the best players in the country. Lorenzo, Lamar and Jamall are all very good and then we have some new guys coming in August. Coach Sexton always gets the running backs ready to play.

charleston jones: This is from one of your biggest supporters and from a humble teammate from high school.
First off I would like to know how do you feel about being a positive role model to many young kids that are growing up in our old neighborhood in east Jacksonville?
Coming from a person who has grown up with you , I am very proud of you and how things have happened for you. You are truly blessed!
I hope that you continue being blessed by God.
One love,
Big Charles
Leon Washington: Big Charles! What’s going on man? I am truly blessed and I whenever I go back home to Jacksonville I try to stop by the old school to talk to the younger kids. Growing up on the east side has taught me not to take anything for granted and to work hard. I’m going to tell a quick story about Big Charles. He is about 270 pounds and pretty big guy but one day after middle school walking home we put on one boxing glove each and let’s just say I got the best of him. LOL. I’ll holler at you later on.
Leon Washington: I’ve got time for one more question and then I’ve got to go to meetings and practice.

Jacksonville, FL: You are an excellent football player and seem to be a really humble guy. How do you balance school, your personal life, and football?
Leon Washington: Thanks. Basically, you have to keep school as your first priority. In terms of personal life, your friend or partner has to understand your time is limited. Football is something I love to do so I always make time for it.
Leon Washington: Thanks for the questions and we are looking forward to having a great year this fall. Hopefully, we can do this again.
Moderator: Thanks everyone for joining the chat. We will schedule more chats throughout the year on seminoles.com so keep checking back.

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