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Record Number Of Seminole Student-Athletes Named To ACC Academic Honor Roll

Aug. 13, 2007

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – A school-record 204 Florida State student athletes, including 16 members of the Seminoles’ football team, have been named to the 2007 Atlantic Coast Conference Academic Roll as announced by conference Commissioner John Swofford. The record 204 Seminoles named to the honor roll marks a 27.5 percent increase in the last five years and allowed Florida State to rank as one of only seven schools in the ACC with 200 or more student-athletes named to this year’s academic honor roll. It also marks the first time the Seminoles have surpassed the 200 mark on the ACC’s annual list of the best and brightest student-athletes.

The ACC Honor Roll is comprised of those student-athletes who participated in a varsity-level sport and registered a grade point average of 3.00 or better for the full 2006-07 academic year. A league-record 2,710 student-athletes were honored for their hard work in the classroom following this academic year.

Among the Seminole football players named to the list were All-America candidates Andre Fluellen (majoring in literature) and Myron Rolle (majoring in exercise science) and starting quarterback candidate Drew Weatherford (majoring in finance). Weatherford’s selection to the ACC Honor Roll marked the third time during the first three years of his career that he had been named to the prestigious list.

A total of 13 Seminole student-athletes were named to the honor roll for the fourth consecutive year to culminate careers in which they were named to the list during each year they were eligible to participate as a member a varsity team at Florida State. That prestigious list included: Stefanie Bechler (cross country), Jaclyn Burch (women’s golf), James Cook (cross country), Charles Cotton (track and field), Paul Ereben (swimming), Alicia Gladden (women’s basketball), Sarah Griffin (volleyball), Alex Kennon (swimming), Thomas Lancashire (cross country), Katherine Ronan (swimming), Steve Roof (swimming), Jessica Skower (volleyball) and Meredith Urban (cross country).

A total of 106 of the 204 (.520 percent) were repeat academic achievers and earned their way onto the honor roll for the second, third of fourth times during their careers while 98 student-athletes made the first appearance of their careers on the list.

The complete list of Seminole student-athletes named to the ACC Academic Honor Roll for 2006-07 is as follows (number following name indicates number of years on the Honor Roll):

Florida State (204)
Ytai Abougzir Tennis
Robin Ahrberg 1 Softball
Victoria Allen 1 Track
Romy Altmann 2 Swimming
Jacintha Anderson 3 Track
Travis Anderson 2 Baseball
Ashley Andress 3 Cross Country
Nikki Anthony 3 Basketball
Jean-Yves Aubone 1 Tennis
Drew Bailey 2 Tennis
Laura Barner 2 Track
Brianna Barry 1 Volleyball
Kandia Batchelor 3 Track
Stefanie Bechler 4 Cross Country
Luke Beevor 3 Cross Country
Rosanna Bell 1 Cross Country
Evan Bellamy 1 Football
Thomas Beltz 1 Track
Caitlin Belvin 1 Volleyball
Geoff Berniard 1 Football
Tina Biedenharn 1 Cross Country
Jonas Blixt 3 Golf
Porsche Bonnett 3 Track
Laura Bowerman 3 Cross Country
Lauren Brick 1 Swimming
Steven Brookins 1 Football
Jeffrey Browne 1 Football
Whitney Brummett 3 Golf
Tiffiny Buckelew 2 Basketball
Whitney Buckmon 1 Softball
Jaclyn Burch 4 Golf
Brendan Burke 3 Swimming
Darrell Burston 3 Football
Brian Calyore 3 Football
Leilani Caraballo 3 Track
Stephen Cardullo 1 Baseball
Jessica Carr 1 Swimming
Richard Carter 1 Football
Brian Chambers 1 Baseball
Sam Chang 2 Tennis
Ann Cipoletti 1 Swimming
Caila Coleman 1 Track
James Cook 4 Cross Country
Charles Cotton 4 Track
Kevin Crowley 3 Football
Laura Cullen 1 Cross Country
LaShaun Davis 1 Softball
Ed Denton 2 Swimming
Scott Derner 2 Swimming
Kimberly Diaz 1 Soccer
Christine Dion 1 Cross Country
Rebecca Edwards 1 Soccer
Leston Ellis 1 Football
Paul Erben 4 Swimming
Shawn Erickson 1 Swimming
Matthew Fairel 1 Baseball
John Fallone 1 Track
Andre Fluellen 1 Football
Miranda Foley 3 Tennis
Paymon Forootsanshad 1 Football
Damone Franklin 1 Football
Daniel Frebel 1 Swimming
Mara Freshour 2 Basketball
Matthew Frith 3 Track
Camille Garcia 1 Softball
Javier Garcia-Tunon 3 Track
Michael Gianeskis 2 Football
Mark Gildea 2 Baseball
Alicia Gladden 4 Basketball
Erica Gonzalez 1 Golf
Caleb Graham 1 Baseball
Sarah Griffin 4 Volleyball
Lindsay Guers 1 Swimming
Jennifer Guyler 1 Swimming
Kirsten Hagen 2 Cross Country
Amanda Hahn 3 Cross Country
Marcus Hallberg 1 Baseball
Matthew Hammond 2 Swimming
Audrey Hand 3 Cross Country
Warren Harper 1 Track
Elise Hatfield 3 Swimming
Naikeya Heath 3 Track
Kristina Helmers 1 Swimming
Bryan Henry 3 Baseball
William Herrington 1 Football
Jennifer Hillis 1 Cross Country
Brian Hoff 2 Basketball
Georgia Holderness 1 Swimming
Quiana Holsey 3 Track
James Holway 1 Swimming
Terry Horner 1 Swimming
Kyleh Huntwork 2 Swimming
Amy Huss 1 Cross Country
Debra Huss 1 Cross Country
Joseph Hyde 3 Baseball
Randolph Island 1 Football
Iraia Iturregi 1 Soccer
Brittany Janson 2 Track
Trenton Jarvis 2 Baseball
Matthew Jenije 1 Football
Kenneth Jesensky 1 Cross Country
Meredith Kelly 2 Cross Country
Ashley Kemp 2 Golf
Alex Kennon 4 Swimming
Abbie King 3 Swimming
Leigh Ann King 1 Swimming
Brittany Krbec 1 Softball
Jamie Kuhn 1 Golf
Jason Lakritz 2 Cross Country
Thomas Lancashire 4 Cross Country
Kelly Langston 1 Softball
Danielle Laramee 2 Track
Courtney Laster 2 Cross Country
Allyn Laughlin 1 Track
Christine Lautsch 2 Basketball
Ashley Lawler 1 Swimming
Roosevelt Lawson 2 Football
Andrew Lemoncello 3 Cross Country
Lizbeth Mabry 1 Track
Lauren Macfarlane 1 Tennis
Mary Magee 2 Cross Country
Tapiwa Marobela 3 Tennis
Meredith Martelle 1 Swimming
Megan Matherly 2 Swimming
Kaley Matthews 2 Cross Country
Ryann Matthews 1 Cross Country
Melissa May 2 Softball
Tiffany McDonald 1 Softball
John McKnight 2 Football
Leah McNaughton 3 Track
Hubert Mitchell 3 Track
Aleia Monden 1 Swimming
Ashley Montagnese 2 Cross Country
Brent Moody 1 Football
Cedric Nabe 2 Track
Torstein Nevestad 2 Golf
Mark Nicholls 1 Swimming
Derek Nicholson 2 Football
Thomas Noyes 3 Track
Ruairi O'Connor 1 Baseball
Thomas Oravetz 1 Baseball
Michael O'Shea 1 Tennis
Brittany Osmon 2 Softball
Lloyd Owens 1 Swimming
Hillary Palumbo 2 Track
Edwin Pierre 1 Football
Christian Ponder 1 Football
Gerald Posey 2 Baseball
Stacy Rademacher 3 Swimming
Angelina Ramos 3 Cross Country
Robert Rauh 1 Baseball
Michael Rice 2 Swimming
Caroline Robertson 2 Swimming
Myron Rolle 1 Football
Katherine Ronan 4 Swimming
Steve Roof 4 Swimming
Kelly Rowland 2 Soccer
John Rye 3 Baseball
Ania Rynarzewska 2 Tennis
Matthew Savage 2 Golf
Katrin Schmidt 2 Soccer
Whitney Schnarr 1 Cross Country
Antoine Seay 1 Football
Maike Seuren 1 Soccer
Erin Simmons 1 Track
Katie Sirounis 1 Swimming
Kate Skaggs 3 Swimming
Amanda Skillen 1 Cross Country
Jessica Skower 4 Volleyball
Nicola Slater 1 Tennis
Keyla Smith 1 Track
Michelle Snyder 2 Softball
Lauren Sparg 1 Swimming
Joshua Spivey 3 Baseball
Michelle Steakin 3 Golf
Kendrick Stewart 2 Football
Ryan Strauss 3 Baseball
Shannon Stuckman 1 Track
Colette Swensen 1 Soccer
Teresa Tessier 1 Swimming
Jae Thaxton 2 Football
Scott Thorson 1 Baseball
Alex Tilbrook 2 Swimming
David Toffaletti 1 Swimming
Zrinka Tomic 2 Volleyball
Dustin Tremellen 1 Football
Luke Tucker 2 Baseball
Meredith Urban 4 Cross Country
Kirsten van de Ven 2 Soccer
Julia Vola 2 Cross Country
Drew Weatherford 3 Football
Jessica Wente 1 Tennis
Matthew Wernke 1 Track
Caroline Westrup 1 Golf
Melissa Wheeler 1 Soccer
Lydia Willemse 2 Cross Country
Alycia Williams 2 Track
Abigail Wilshire 2 Cross Country
Veronica Wootson 1 Softball
Christina Woytalewicz 2 Cross Country
Carly Wynn 1 Softball
Kyle Young 3 Swimming
Sara Young 1 Golf
Matt Zitani 2 Basketball