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Recreation Schedule

Recreation Schedule

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March 16, 1998

(Subject to change by special events)

FACILITY               DAYS & TIMES                  ACTIVITY

Rosenberg Athletic   M-F       10am-4pm
Hall of Fame Room

Lockers & Showers   M-F       7:30am-11:30pm   
                    Sat/Sun   9am-8:30pm

Weight Room         M-F       noon-2pm, 5:30-11pm     Weight Training
 3-1499             Sat/Sun   noon-8pm

BURNHAM PAVILION    M-F        11am-1pm                Volleyball Rec
3-4216              M, W       9pm-midnight            Volleyball Rec
(recorded schedule  F          9-10pm                  Open Rec
 information)       Sat        noon-8pm                Open Rec
                    Sun        noon-7pm                Open Rec

(closed May 16-24)  M-F        7am-2pm, 6pm-dusk
                    Sat/Sun    8am-dusk

DEGUERRE COURTS     M-F        11am-11pm               Handball,
5-0728              Sat        9am-6:30pm              Racquetball, Squash
                    Sun        9am-11pm   

5-0725              M-F        10am-2pm, 5:30-7pm      Rec Swim - Adults
                    Sat/Sun    1-5pm                   Family Swim - children ok

IM Fields  & Taylor Field   RESERVED - call 723-1949

FORD CENTER                                             Stairmasters & Lifecycles
(recorded schedule  M-Th,       9am-midnight
information)        F,          9am-10pm
				    Sat/Sun,    noon-8pm
                    M-F         11am-3pm                 Basketball Rec (T/Th, 1 court)
                    T/Th        11am-noon                Badminton Rec
                    M/W         9:30pm-midnight          Basketball Rec
                    F           7-10pm                   Open Rec
                    Sat         noon-5pm                 Open Rec
                    Sat         5-8pm                    Badminton Rec
                    Sun         noon-8pm                 Open Rec

GOLF COURSE         CLOSED MONDAYS                       Golf
323-0944            Tues       Ladies Day AM            Show ID & obtain 
                    W-F        Open anytime             start time atPro Shop
                    Sat/Sun    1st available starting
                               time after 12 noon

GOLF DRIVING RANGE  M-F        8:30am-1 hour before dark
323-9516            Sat/Sun    7:00am-1 hour before dark

MAPLES PAVILION     M-F        11am-1pm                  Basketball Rec
                    Sat/Sun    Closed

3-4895             M/W         8-11am, 9-10pm            Basketball Rec
                   T/Th        11am-4pm, 6-7:30pm        Basketball Rec
                   Fri         8am-noon, 1-4pm           Basketball Rec
                   Sat         2-6pm                     Basketball Rec
                   Sun         noon- 2pm, 6-8pm          Basketball Rec

Lockers, Showers   M-Th        8am-10pm   
                   Fri         8am-8pm   
                   Sat         9am-8pm
                   Sun         10am-8pm

Pool               M-F         noon-1pm                 Faculty/Staff Only
                   M-Th        3:15-5pm                 Rec Swim
                   F           1-5pm                    Rec Swim
                   Sat/Sun     Closed

Studio, Rooms 42 & 33   Check at Roble Office   

Weight Room       M/W          8am-5:30pm, 6:30pm-10pm
                  T/Th         8am-noon, 2:15pm-5:30pm, 6:30pm-10pm
                  Fri          8am-5:30pm, 6:30pm-8pm
                  Sat          9am-8pm
                  Sun          10am-8pm

STADIUM           Daily        9am-7pm 

TENNIS COURTS     M-Th         when classes are not scheduled
                  F/Sat/Sun    all day
                  Mon-Fri      noon-1pm   Reserved Faculty/Staff
Encina & West Campus Courts

Sign up sheets are posted on course bulletin boards
for next day's play at the following times:
Encina Courts        8:30am
Varsity Courts       5:10pm
West Campus Courts   8:30am

                    M-F        7am-10pm
                    Sat/Sun    8am-5:30pm

For more information, please call the
Recreation Coordinator, Shirley Schoof,
725-0729, Roble Gym Office #5.

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