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Reflections of Senior Andres Bucaro

Feb. 6, 2013

By: Summer Gilhousen

Being a senior is a bitter-sweet experience. Although it is gloomy and a bit scary to leave all that you have known in the past few years and enter a whole stage of life, being able to reflect on your life and remember all the exciting experiences to reap the benefits of all you have worked hard to accomplish is a rewarding feeling. Today, senior Andres Bucaro shares with us his past, present and future experiences revolving around his time here at FSU as a student and member of the Men’s Tennis Team. Bucaro just came back from the Davis Cup where he represented his native country Guatemala.

On the experience with the Davis Cup:
“It was a great experience and it was something I never felt before. Going on the court I was nervous and I was trying to do simple things once I was on the court because I didn’t want to think too much but it was great. The environment was great, the hospitality was amazing and my teammates, I’ve grown up playing tennis with them so, it’s always a good time and they’re just fun to be around.”

On playing for your country and how does it compare to playing for FSU:
“It is a similar feeling but I’ve been playing longer for Guatemala. That was the last time I will ever play for Guatemala so it was definitely special to finish on a high note for my country. Florida State will always be a part of me so with that I can relate with my country and have embraced it since day one at Florida State.”

What are a few of your most memorable moments?
“I would say clinching the 4-3 match against Pepperdine my freshman year when they were ranked in the top 10.Being the last match on with the crowd behind me and my teammates was an unforgettable moment. Another special moment was last fall winning the Bedford Cup in doubles with doubles partner Benjamin Lock, beating UF on their own courts was pretty sweet.”

Speaking of being a freshman, what were your goals when you entered college and began playing tennis for FSU? Did you accomplish them?
“As a freshman I wanted to win an ACC tournament and be a part of a top 10 team. Individually I wanted to get ranked in both singles and doubles and have a positive influence on my team and teammates by the time I leave. We haven’t accomplished the team goals quite yet but have been really close in two of my first 3 years here. Individually I have been ranked. Through hard work and dedication, I have also accomplished a spot in the top 10 of most singles wins in one single season (2011-2012) and I am just a few wins away from the top 10 of most doubles wins in school history. Most of all, though, my greatest accomplishment while playing for FSU would have to be how I have evolved as a person and tennis competitor on court throughout my four years.”

It appears that you have also excelled in school. How have you faced and overcome the challenges of the demanding student-athlete life?
“I’ve been giving my fullest, both in school and on the court, and I feel I’ve grown because of that. Time management has been very useful for me to not go crazy with our demanding schedules and rigorous daily workouts. Academically, I would say being on the ACC academic honor roll since my first year here and being part of the All-ACC Academic Team last year shows that with a good balance you can achieve both things.”

As captain for the past two years, you were able to achieve your goal of having a positive influence on your team. Tell us about this experience.
“That experience has probably been the best class I’ve taken here at FSU. It taught me a lot about my teammates but mainly it taught me things about myself. Dealing with the guys as a captain is very challenging. It is an honor to be selected captain the last two years because it has motivated me to be a better tennis player and a better person who can try and lead a team of young men towards a common goal that represents more than us.”

What are your goals for your senior year/season?
“My main and really, only goal, is to help this team get points on the scoreboard that will enable us to reach the final site of the NCAA tournament in May and make a run in the tournament. I don’t care if it is playing singles or doubles; I just want to be able to contribute to the final score on gameday.”

What will you miss most about FSU and the tennis team?
“I will miss the team atmosphere that I feel when I play tennis here at FSU. I will miss my teammates and the road trips we do together. The funniest moments always happen when we are on road trips.”

What are your plans after graduation?
“I am planning on attending FSU’s marketing master’s program and enroll in the fall of 2013. I want to pursue a higher education to increase my knowledge in the business field that I enjoy and hopefully will dedicate the rest of my life to. Wish me luck on the GMAT! Eventually I want to find a management job in a company that presents challenges and new opportunities every day.”

Last question; is there anyone you would like to thank?
“I would like to thank my family, who has been with me 110% of the time. No, that’s not a typo. They have been there for me even when I didn’t need them to be. They are the best family an elite tennis player could ask for. They made every effort in their control to allow me to be successful. I would like to thank all the people in the athletic department that enable us to experience the top notch facilities, services and experience at FSU. I want to thank the coaching staff; they have been great as tennis instructors and life instructors. They really stand out to me as people and I cannot thank them enough for all the opportunities that they have given me and are yet to give me in the future. I would like to thank the fans who come out and support us, especially the ones that have stuck with me for the last 4 years. Lastly, I would like to thank my girlfriend Kim and her unbelievable family. The McClure Clan, as they self-proclaim themselves, have been nothing more than supportive and understanding of what I do and who I am in the last 2 years. I want to thank everyone who has been part of my life and my tennis career that will end when this 2013 team goes up to Seattle and play the final rounds of the 2013 NCAA tournament.”

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