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Responses: II

Oct. 18, 2004

Dear Summer,
I have had the great pleasure to watch you play dozens of times over the last five years at both Olympic Heights and in club. I also watched you excel at the FSU/Miami match earlier this season. My daughter, Nicole, who is a sophomore at West Boca HS has also admired your play for years and has patterned her game, work ethic, and teamwork after yours. She even wanted to wear #21 this season, but it wasn’t available. I have two questions for you: One, what advice would you give to Nicole over the next two years in terms of getting noticed by college scouts and earning a college scholarship? And two, do you ever feel discombobulated on the court either in practice or a match? What do you do to make yourself feel less discombobulated? Play well the rest of the season and stay warm “up North” in Tallahassee. Brad

Dear Mr. Brad,

Thanks for the email! I would suggest Nicole to play Club Volleyball.

It also helps if her team goes to national tournaments, because that is where she will most likely be noticed. She should also write to the schools she is interested in and see if they can come watch a game.

Also, she should try out for as many teams as she can, whether its team Florida or a national team. Nicole is a great player and person, and I am so happy that I had the opportunity to play with her for a year. I’m sure she won’t have any problem earning a scholarship and playing at the next level.

I sometimes feel discombobulated, but I can usually figure it out and pull myself together! Hope all is well back home! Go Noles!

Dear Summer,
I’ve watched you play on local network T.V. while you were in high school. you were impressive then as you are now. but I can’t help but notice that you have gotten stronger. My question is were you in the weight room during your off-season and what is your normal workout routine during the off-season as opposed to when you’re practicing with the team?

keep diggin,

Dear Sue,

Thanks for the email! To answer your question, I was in the weight room all summer. I worked with weights 3 times a week and ran sprints on the days I wasn’t lifting. My normal workout consists of squats, power cleans, lunges, bench press and dumbbell exercises. I also did a lot a lot of abs with medicine balls and stability balls. On the days in between lifting, I ran a sprint series on the track, and did agility work on a speed ladder. During season, we don’t lift as heavy. The off- season is when we get stronger, and during season we maintain our strength.

Dear Summer,
I am a big fan of volleyball and especially a big fan of yours! What
has been the toughest part of the season for you thus far and do you have a special meal that you eat before every game? Good Luck!

Your Friend,

Dear Adam,

I would say the toughest part of season is trying to keep up in school with all the traveling we do. You really have to be disciplined in using your free time to study and get caught up in class. I don’t have a special meal that I eat before games, but we have a pregame meal as a team, and it’s usually sandwiches or bagels. Thanks for the email!

Dear Summer,
First, I’d like to say I am happy to see you doing so well at
FSU. As you may know, Mr. Currier often asks me to work with our athletes. What advice would you like me to pass on to those who are going through the college recruiting process? Also, what advise do you have for handling the pressures of being a student athlete?

Question of the Week: “You are obviously an incredibly beautiful girl that must be swamped by attention from guys, so do you see
yourself maintaining a relationship and a high-level volleyball career? “
-Signed, Jeston

Dear Mr. Cunningham,

Thanks for the email! I think it’s important for any athlete going through the recruiting process to visit the school and meet the team and coaches. The recruiting process is fun, but stressful, and It helped me a lot to make a list of pros and cons for each school. Being a student athlete requires a lot of time management, and I think that using a planner is good to keep you organized. I love being a student athlete and I think it makes a person more disciplined. I just set time aside after practice to do homework and study. Time Management is key for student athletes.

Dear Summer,
With you being so highly recruited and playing for a nationally ranked team, do you feel like you can experience the more “fun” or “social” side of college? Also, you are obviously an incredibly beautiful girl that must be swamped by attention from guys, so do you see
yourself maintaining a relationship and a high-level volleyball career?

Dear Jeston,

Thanks for the email! Being a student athlete, you really don’t get the full “social” side of college, but it’s a choice you make when deciding to play in college or not. We still get to go out with friends and have a good time, but there is a responsibility on athletes that a normal college student does not have.

I still feel like I am experiencing college, and I could never not see myself playing. I love being able to play for Florida State, and to me it’s definitely worth giving up some of the “college fun.” I think it’s possible to have a relationship and a volleyball career as long as you keep your priorities straight. For me, volleyball is a main focus in my life, and I would put it above a relationship, but it’s definitely possible to have both.

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